July 2021 Wayne International Gan Youth Tour-Always on the Road


Author: Lisa -- Zhou Jing


Release time:2021-08-05

Seeing the drizzle and setting sun in the south of the Yangtze River, the blue waves rippling along the coast, and the bustling city, the vast and magnificent different scenery of the northwest seems to be more attractive.


7On the 23rd of the month, a six-day trip to the northwest was opened.

Tour route: Lanzhou-Zhangye Colorful Danxia-Qilian Prairie-Menyuan Rape Flower-Xining-Chaka Salt Lake-Qinghai Lake-Ta'er Temple

With the whereabouts of the plane, it was about to enter the northwest region, and the first geomorphological map of the northwest was photographed by aerial, and the first stop of the taxi arrived in Lanzhou.


How can I think this is the sun over 8 o'clock in the evening!!! Sunset at nine!

Zhangye: Colorful Danxia-a well-preserved national "palette"

Like the earth spraying blazing fire, like the mountain shore covered with colorful neon clothes, this is a unique Danxia landscape. --Yin Zesheng

Hercynian: Chaka Salt Lake,The entire Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Region is located in the northwest of Qinghai Province. It is also the Chaka Salt Lake where we must clock in this time. It has the reputation of "Mirror of the Sky.

Qinghai Lake: "Chinese National Geography" has a description of Qinghai Lake: many lakes are loved by people with magnificent beauty, only the magnificent stretch into plain, the beautiful into a magnificent. It rained when we entered the scenic spot, and the scenery was unique.

Xining: Kumbum Monastery

First there is a tower, then there is a temple, hence the name of the temple.

There is a white sandalwood in Taal Monastery

Ta'ermonastery, the flesh from the mother's body

The drops of blood from the umbilical cord grow into bodhi

The thoughts of a lifetime build a lotus tower

Every inch is a stone accumulated in the bottom of my heart


There are a total of eleven temples here, each of which has its own unique features. The butter flowers, embroidery and murals here are even more known as the "three unique arts". The row of sutra tubes in front of the exit must be turned by hand, walking into the Kumbum Monastery with strong incense, but the heart is more and more out of the world, devout believers, quiet temples, lifelike Buddha statues. In this thick Tibetan Buddhist culture, accept the purification of the soul.


2. Food:

When it comes to the northwest, food will definitely be able to tap into local delicacies.


Hand-caught mutton:When it comes to the heroic character of the Great Northwest, eat meat and drink in a big bowl. Reminiscent of the most characteristic and northwest-style hand-caught lamb. Four or five knives down, a large piece of mutton directly grabbed the hand to eat, come when a northerner.

kang pot lamb chops:Generally, lamb chops are served with onions, potatoes, pancakes (dough crust), vermicelli, etc. and poured into a kang pot to stew. The meat is tender and tasty, and the side dishes inside are also super delicious..

Lanzhou Beef Noodles :The common Lanzhou ramen is not authentic, beef noodles are the gourmet business card of Lanzhou.

(No pictures here)


Brewed skin:Popular in the Gan Qing area, it is also one of the indispensable delicacies on the dining table. It is long in shape, with gluten, poured with vinegar, spicy oil, mustard, leek, garlic paste, hot and sour and cool.

Milk and egg fermented glutinous rice:Milk, eggs and fermented glutinous rice are cooked together, and raisins, peanuts, glutinous rice, tremella, etc. are added. The content is rich like a hodgepodge of desserts.

qinghai yogurt:Every time you go to a restaurant to eat, you can see the yak yogurt made by your own store. You can smell the faint milk fragrance. The taste is a bit like old yogurt, with a hint of sour and sweet.

Potato Chips:Potatoes are called potatoes in the northwest region, and Lanzhou is also the famous "hometown of potatoes". It is the first time to eat the colossus potato chips over there. They are thin slices, crisp and crisp, and then changed to another store. This store is different from the previous one. They are thicker and feel a bit like "spike potatoes.

The rest will not be introduced one by one. There are also pasta-based, essential flower rolls for each meal, "all kinds of delicacies that forget their names, etc., please enjoy the following figure ~ ~"

From the south to the north, the travel notes of Gan Qing have come to an end. One of the advantages of travel is that it can be temporarily away from daily life and does not have to bear trivial things on weekdays! Open the beauty of August with the wish of traveling.

The journey is beautiful, tracing the memory of time with footsteps, Wayne International, with you closer.