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Wayne International Intellectual Property is based in Shenzhen, China and New York, USA, and provides customers with professional and efficient international intellectual property services. At present, the main members of strategic cooperation are: Wayne International Intellectual Property (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Wayne Patent and Trademark Office, Shenzhen Wayne Ken Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd., Guangdong Wayne Ken Law Firm, etc. The company is mainly engaged in patent application, trademark registration, copyright registration, intellectual property litigation and other businesses, as well as providing legal services related to intellectual property rights, such as: intellectual property transactions, cross-border e-commerce platform intellectual property dispute settlement. The customers served by the company include listed companies, institutions, universities, research institutes, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals, mainly involving biomedicine, chemical industry, electronics, communications, machinery and other industries and fields.

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Wayne Internationalfour major advantages

Wayne advantages

Automated Case Management

The electronic delivery rate of cases has reached 100 per cent. All applications and responses are prepared directly by counsel. Our lawyers communicate directly with the examiner and other department officials by telephone or email, which can effectively control and solve various problems and effectively control the progress of the case. The whole process of the case is automatically managed by the software system. The software system according to the company's process management characteristics and needs specially designed, tailor-made management system software greatly improves the efficiency of case management, to avoid time delays and errors. At the same time of recording the case information, it can effectively follow up the case process and remind automatically at the right time, so as to avoid the disadvantages of poor information and case delay caused by personnel changes.

Professional defense and control

Professional defense and control skills Wayne's lawyers are familiar with local patent law and proficient in the local language. Professional service and rich experience increase the chance of one-time review. We seek to develop an in-depth understanding of each case and build a response strategy on that basis. The content of all applications and defense cases are prepared by lawyers, and directly communicate with the review officer and relevant department officials, which can effectively control and solve various problems, so that the progress of the case can be effectively controlled. In particular, with excellent defense ability and professional legal skills, fully assist customers to master the key points of the review and give professional solutions.

Effective cost control

Timely and accurate direct communication with customers, eliminating the intermediate link. The price of the application process is clear and transparent, and the customer's budget is guaranteed. Lawyer fees are mostly hourly rates, direct communication with clients can accurately understand the key points, and effectively save the time and cost of patent applications. The cost of applying for patents and trademarks in various countries is clear, and Wayne's bill directly shows the official fees of each country plus the cost of legal services, so that the client has a clear understanding of the services enjoyed and the costs incurred.

Joint national excellent firm

We have a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with excellent firms from all over the world. When choosing firms to cooperate with other countries outside the United States and Europe, we all take whether they have a good professional team lineup, stable operation and management capabilities, and professional case handling capabilities as the standard, and effectively control each case distributed through the network management system.

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