July 2021 Weien International Gan Youth Tour-First Encounter in Northwest China


Author: Landy -- Wanjia


Release time:2021-08-05

There is an advertisement sayingLife is like a journey, don't care about the destination, care about the scenery along the way and the mood of watching the sceneryThe trip before I came to the northwest took only an hour or two from one destination to another. the scenery along the way was missed by one dream after another, and the northwest was so vast that even if you fell asleep again and again on the way, you still woke up on the road, and the scenery along the way still flashed frame by frame outside the window.

The large exposed loess gullies outside the window are telling the hardships of people living here. Together with the ancient city wall, the dust flying in Liangzhou city comes to mind.The once golden iron horse has become a large windmill standing beside the ancient city wall. The huge billboard is printed with the smiles of the martyrs who died on the border. The war seems far away, but it seems to be in front of us."Don't laugh when you lie drunk on the battlefield. In ancient times, several people have been fighting back." The galloping yellow sand fell silent and buried the hero's bones, and raised batches of brave children. They vowed to guard the land under their feet.


Different from the solemn and stirring of the Loess Plateau, over the Riyue Mountain, the eyes are full of vitality. There are flocks of sheep all over the YanZhi and Qilian mountains, which are rich in water and grass. It is no wonder that the ancient Huns would say, "I lost the Qilian Mountains, so that my six animals will not rest". Looking at the sheep all over the mountain and listening to the tour guide talk about the wealth of herdsmen, I suddenly felt that the junior high school political textbook "herding sheep"-Marriage-have children-The life plan of "herding sheep" is also good. "Herdsmen are very hard, they are not at home for two months during herding," I smiled at the sideEmmaSaid, then we only have half a month at home this year, isn't it more pitiful. If you think about it carefully, the herdsmen have the property class, but I am still the bare-headed and barefoot proletariat.

Always listen to "can't see five fingers", but never experienced such a dark night. Because of the mudslide, everyone was forced to choose the country road from Zhangye to Xining. It was dark outside the window. If there was no lively booing in the car, the darkness was really frightening. The street lights in the city are brightly lit all night, and the night in everyone's impression is also dimly lit. The slowly driving bus makes everyone finally associate "night" with "black.

The small train in Chaka Salt Lake moved slowly, and the road guards stood quietly beside the tracks. Perhaps for the road guards, they are used to groups of tourists passing by. They only care about whether the small train is running normally. At this time, a child in the car broke the boring work of the road guard. Li Nianfeng, wearing a colorful children's raincoat, kept waving to each road guard. Even if the first few road guards did not give any response, Li Nianfeng would still enthusiastically wave to the next road guard. Childlike innocence is always so lovely and beautiful. (Of course, it is dangerous for children to stick their hands out of the car)

Master Tsongkhapa did not return to his hometown after he went to Tibet to study at the age of 16. His mother, Sier, was eager but could only build a tower to place her thoughts on him. It suddenly occurred to me that my mother sent me WeChat at 6 o'clock in the morning a few days ago, saying that I missed her and woke up unable to sleep. In the journey of life, we are tired of going to one destination after another, enjoying and coping with the scenery along the way. Sometimes we forget that at the starting point, there is always someone who wishes you a further future and looks forward to your early return.