In 2022, the United States will issue electronic patent and trademark certificates




Release time:2021-12-21

2021Year12Month10On the 1st, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office released a blog of its leadership. In order to cope with the increasing demand for patent and trademark applications and registration and ensure the quality of its examination, in addition to adding more staff to deal with it, it will begin to simplify the process of patent application and trademark registration.


Indeed, in recent years, the examination time in the United States has indeed been extended for patent cases in some fields due to manpower problems.


This simplified process is mainly aimed at the certificate problem after authorization:


2022Beginning in, U.S. patent and trademark certificates will no longer be issued in paper form, and electronic certificates will be issued after authorization or registration is successful.


1, patent

The patentee can download the printing certificate through the patent document viewing system (I. e.PAIR);


This change brings a lot of convenience to the patent owner. For example, the new program will be issued within a week of the assignment of the patent numberUSPTOThe electronic patent certificate signed by the seal and the director reduces the pending time of each issued patent application by nearly2Week.





Trademark owners can continue to download and print trademark certificates through the U.S. Trademark Retrieval System, a change that will shorten the time it takes to issue trademark registration certificates.1~2Week.USPTONow it can be awarded every week.6000To9000A paper version of the trademark registration certificate. Digitization will minimize paper handling operations.



Of course, it is not that the patentee or trademark owner cannot receive a paper certificate. If he wishes to continue to receive a paper certificate with a steel seal and the signature of the director, the obligee can also receive it, but at an additional cost.25S. dollar expenses.