Central South University |Bachelor of Applied Chemistry

Areas of Practice:
Organic and polymer chemistry, chemical engineering, photoelectric materials, semiconductor materials, environmental protection, medical equipment, analysis and testing equipment, oil field mining equipment and other related fields.

2.Yuping LI

Partner | Patent Agent

Bachelor of Polymer Materials | Zhengzhou University

The first batch of patent agents in the country, engaged in patent agency work for more than 30 years, has been acting for patents2000Remaining, patent review4000Remaining pieces, taught by enterprises50Many times, more than a thousand trainees.

Good at chemical industry, medicine, biology, food and beverage and other related professional patent documents writing, OA review, patent invalidation and review.


Partner | Patent Agent

Nanchang University | Bachelor of Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument

Areas of Practice:

Writing patent applications in the fields of automatic control, communication, medical equipment, multimedia technology, e-commerce and other related fields;

Patent review, invalidation; patent infringement analysis; domestic and foreign patent trademark consulting, search business.


Partner | Patent Agent

National University of Defense Technology | Bachelor of Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

Areas of Practice:

Mechanical engineering and automation, electronics and other related fields; patent application mining, writing, reply OA and patent invalidation; patent search, patent consulting, infringement analysis, etc.


Partner | Patent Agent Nanjing University | Master of Condensed-matter Physics

Areas of Practice:

Optoelectronics, computer software and hardware, communications, Internet and other related fields


Partner | Patent Agent

Yantai University | Bachelor of Biological Engineering

Areas of Practice:

Specializes in organic chemistry, biological medicine, chemical materials and general machinery and other fields of patent practice.