July 2021 Ween International Gan Green Tour-View in Rain


Author: LUO -- Yang Mingchao


Release time:2021-08-05

23Early in the morning on the 28th, I embarked on my return trip on the evening of the 28th. From Shenzhen to Lanzhou, from flat ground to high altitude, the scene in the air was more gratifying than expected.


23Arrived in Lanzhou

The sky is like water, eyes and waves, and white clouds are like mountains and eyebrows. Between mountains and rivers, people are happy. Those who are easy to be agitated are looking at the heart. Those who are busy with their affairs will forget to return.


In the past, Li Bai did not know how the scenery seen by Tianmu in his sleep was compared with that of Yunshan. He did not need Xie Gong to climb Yunshan. He could make a tactful journey in Yunshan. He could collect clouds as clothes and brew wind as wine. He only said that we only drank alcohol and waited for Mr. Wang to write a hundred poems.


26Peak of Scenery

When I saw the rape flowers in Qinghai Lake, I realized that this day is the peak of tourism, and today will be the most enjoyable day of the journey. Whether it is short or sudden, when I am in it, I hope I can understand that I am experiencing it, which will make me more happy.

Today there are horses, rape flowers, Qinghai Lake without rain, and barbecue and beer for free activities.

When the horse's hooves stepped gently on the rape flowers, he suddenly felt high-spirited and proud. People should be proud, and the talk of proud people becomes interesting. With the jolting of the horse's footsteps, the mood is active, and the rape flowers are shaking their beauty. At the moment, there is no need to speak.


Seeing Qinghai Lake, I am more sure that today is the peak of tourism. I just want to shout "national general exclamation" to express my feelings at that time. I only feel that today's trip is close to completion.

In the evening, when I had a barbecue beer, I thought that if Li Bai really looked at Yunshan, I would borrow the wine from Li Bai to seduce me. I would drink quickly and my husband would write a poem slowly.

Qinghai Lake specific scene please see others travel notes, no longer repeat.


24One of the numbers passed


Colorful Danxia-a beautiful place to listen to the name

Menyuan rape flower-perhaps it is yellow from heavy rain and hail, which is not as famous as it is



Before arriving at Chaka Salt Lake, it was already drizzling, and the sky seemed a little depressed. The crowd with umbrellas was waiting for the guide.

To get to Chaka Salt Lake, we need to take a small train. For us who have been taking buses for days, this is not a pleasant choice, but looking at the umbrellas in our hands and the shoes that are too lazy to walk, we still happily took the small train. As the train was moving, he opened his umbrella to keep out the rain. The train had no glass.


Suddenly I saw a small train with glass passing by, and I felt that I had suffered a loss. For the same ticket money, I had to support the rain. There was no such reason. Ow, you must take a small train with glass on your return trip.

Gradually saw the water of the Chaka Salt Lake, he bent over slightly and moved the umbrella that was blocking his view from the rain,

After repeating several times, we can't have both rain and view. We should wait for the small train to arrive at the most suitable terminal for viewing and have a full look.


Zhang Dai took the snow in the heart of the lake to watch the snow, while I watched the lake with the rain, Chaka Salt Lake. Zhang Dai watched the snow, but I watched the lake with rain. This rain is really unpleasant, making Chaka Salt Lake lose its true face. I wish I could connect three cups of rain and pour it into Zhang Dai's mouth, warning him not to go out when the weather is bad. Wow, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

The journey cannot be too perfect. If it is too perfect, there will be no regrets. It is easy to forget. Qinghai Lake and Chaka Salt Lake can make people love and hate, sigh at the beautiful scenery, while thinking bitterly, I wonder if there will be a chance to see the real "sky" in the future ".


28The number returned across the night, thank Wayne, thank Gan Qing trip!