July 2021 Wynn International Gan Qing Travel Notes-Journey to the Northwest


Author: Daisy


Release time:2021-08-03

      7At the beginning of the month, the company traveled to the great northwest, which it never forgets, and choseThis is the most conventional Qinghai Lake Ring Road, which is a relatively mature line.The six-day trip through Lanzhou-Xining-Zhangye Colorful Danxia-Qilian Prairie-Chaka Salt Lake-Qinghai Lake-Qinghai Lake Rape Flower-Taer Monastery can be said to be half sea water and half flame,FarIn heaven.

We were joined by a tour guide, a young, handsome and smoking northwest woman, Li Dao, and the simple and honest master Liu escorted us. Director Li and Master Liu will spend the six-day tour of the Great Northwest Circle with us.

The development of information makes the world changegotIt is getting smaller and smaller, and it is often possible to appreciate the places of interest around the world without leaving home.But after all, looking from afar is not as good as playing near!When I first saw Danxia, I yelled for it. I saw Danxia again. I missed it. I saw it three times. I couldn't wait to see it three times. When things were arranged properly, I couldn't wait to travel thousands of miles to this appointment.

The more you go inside, the stronger the shock in your heart, and the more you can understand the true meaning of Zhangye's "Colorful Danxia. It is obviously different from the red color of "color like Ottawa Dan and bright rosy clouds" when you first enter the scenic spot. At this time, the slope level of each hill you see is clear, as if you did it carefully. Zhangye Colorful Danxia is known as "the color palette overturned by God", which I don't think is rigorous. The colors that God spilled the palette should be messy, right? But the colors of Zhangye's colorful Danxia are so distinct: a layer of red, a layer of gray, a layer of yellow, a layer of blue ......, as if they were carefully depicted.

Looking at the endless colorful Danxia in front of you, each layer of color has witnessed the changes of nature for thousands of years. I think that people's life is only a hundred years, and I really realize what is a drop in the ocean.


      7Qinghai Lake in the month is the most charming, because with the addition of the element of rape flowers, the blue lake in the distance intersects with the golden flower lines nearby, and the three-dimensional clouds above correspond to the sea of flowers below.

In the middle of the Qinghai characteristics of the prayer flags, temples, Tibetan cottages, yaks, horses, Tibetans... Isn't it a magnificent, huge oil painting?

Personally, I think the rape flowers in Qinghai Lake are more suitable for telephoto, so as to incorporate enough local elements. It is difficult to identify Qinghai at a glance when standing in the rape flower field.

Chaka Salt Lake was originally a salt-producing factory. Now the scenic spots still sell salt and toothpaste. I don't know when it will become a tourist and photography place for Internet celebrities. It is called "Mirror of the Sky". The lake is like a mirror under a clear sky. Because the altitude is okay, snow can sometimes be seen from the summit in the distance.

On the way, I heard that Zhejiang people can get free tickets with their ID cards. They didn't check why. For the check why, there seems to be a lot less these days. What you see is what it is:

In Tibetan, Qinghai Lake means "blue sea", meaning the lake is vast and blue, like the sea.

However, there are many waterbirds such as bar-headed geese, brown-headed gulls, fishing gulls, common cormorants, white-bone-topped, red-billed ducks, red-billed diving ducks, crested diving ducks, red-headed diving ducks, etc. Most of these birds live on small fish. If there are no fish in the lake, their days will be untenable.


The wonder of nature is here. In the salty and alkaline lake water, there lives a strange fish: Qinghai Lake Naked Carp, also known as Huangyu, because it is only distributed in the Qinghai Lake area, and its body surface has no scales (it grows like this, it is simply for people to eat, even the process of scale removal is saved, and it is said that it is extremely delicious), so it is called Qinghai Lake Naked Carp in Chinese. In salty water, where no other fish can survive, they survive.

These Qinghai Lake naked carp not only raise tens of thousands of birds by the lake, but also make Qinghai Lake full of vitality during the bird breeding season in July and August. Moreover, during the natural disasters in the 1960 s in the world, tens of thousands of tons of Huangyu were produced annually, becoming a life-saving fish for Qinghai people.

[Taar Monastery]

The Taer Monastery is named after the Great Silver Pagoda built in the temple to commemorate Master Tsongkhapa. It is one of the six major monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism, and is very close to Xining City. No photos are allowed, so Kumbum Monastery has no beautiful pictures to share.

The gate source like the sea of flowers, the solemn Ta'er Temple, the blue Qinghai Lake, the rich tea card, the Yumen with the spring breeze, the devil's Yadan, Jiayuguan at the starting point of the Great Wall, the colorful Zhangye, and the Kambla in Xining......

After so many roads and so many scenery, travel can make people perfect! Travel is the best way to keep alive! Thanks Wayne ~~~ Thanks for the trip to Xining.