July 2021 Ween International Gan Qing Travels-Walking on the Road to the Northwest


Author: Jim


Release time:2021-08-03

2021The situation of new crown pneumonia in foreign countries is still very serious. For our small partners in Wayne International, we can't go abroad in 2021, but we can have a good visit to the great rivers and mountains of our motherland. At the end of July 2021, we finally ushered in this year's company group tour. The destination of this tour is Gansu-Qinghai Grand Ring Road. Some people say that in our lifetime, we must go to the northwest to take a Grand Ring Road, because one Grand Ring Road is equivalent to 10 trips, and one Grand Ring Road can experience the change of the four seasons.

The text begins! Let our hearts and bodies together in this mysterious vast land!

Day1: July 23 Shenzhen-Lanzhou-Zhangye


It coincided with the summer vacation tourist season. Our plane from Shenzhen to Lanzhou took off at 6: 45, so we needed to reach Shenzhen Baoan Airport at 6: 00. Therefore, we arrived at the hotel near the airport arranged by the travel agency one day in advance and arrived at the airport by bus at 5: 00 the next morning. This time our plane from Shenzhen to Lanzhou stopped in Shaoyang, Hunan, thus refreshing my understanding, it turns out that Shaoyang also has an airport.After a few hours of air travel on the plane, I came to the first stop in the northwest: Lanzhou. Everyone was so excited after getting off the plane that they couldn't help but want to have a bowl of authentic Lanzhou ramen.

Li Dao has been waiting for a long time at Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport. After taking a photo at Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport, we quickly boarded the tour bus under the leadership of Li Dao and immediately went to Zhangye, the first stop of our tour.

The scenery on the road is very shocking. The blue sky and white clouds form a sharp contrast with the barren and bare mountains. After several hours of bumpy journey, I finally came to Zhangye, checked in at the hotel, and then after dinner, the first day's itinerary was basically over, waiting for the second day's official tour.


Day2: July 24 Zhangye Colorful Danxia-Qilian Prairie-Menyuan Rape Flower-Xining

Today, the ring road officially started. I followed the tour bus to Zhangye's colorful Danxia, which has been admired for a long time. Let's take a group photo first.

After the photo was taken, everyone couldn't wait to go to the scenic spot to enjoy the beautiful scenery and take photos.


Can not help but sigh, this scene is worthy of nature's ghost axe god poor, carefully crafted ah!


The tourist attractions of this tour are mainly in Qinghai. After visiting Zhangye Colorful Danxia, everyone took the tour bus and rushed to Qinghai non-stop. On the way to Qinghai, we passed the Qilian Prairie. As the tour bus was not easy to stop on the way, it was a pity that we did not experience it personally on the grassland. However, by observing the scenery outside the window, we could also deeply feel "the sky is gray and the wild, wind blowing grass to see cattle and sheep" beauty!

With the beautiful scenery of the prairie outside the window, we unknowingly came to the next scenic spot of this trip-Menyuan rape flower.

Perhaps the time of this visit is a few days later than the day when rape flowers are in full bloom. The rape flowers in the scenic spot do not look very luxuriant as a whole, but it is also very exciting to see rape flowers at the end of July. Rape flowers in the south basically bloom in February and March every year. This is the climate difference between the north and the south of China!

Although rape flowers look a bit regrettable, standing on a high place blowing natural wind, looking at the blue sky and white clouds and the distant mountains and green fields, it also makes people feel carefree, what a beautiful scenery!!!

After enjoying the beautiful Menyuan rape flower, the tour itinerary of the day came to an end, and then followed the tour bus to Xining. Under the guidance of Director Li, after dinner, he collapsed on the hotel bed, recuperated, and waited for the next day. New travel itinerary.


Day3: July 25 Xining-Chaka Salt Lake-Republic


Today's trip is mainly to visit Chaka Salt Lake. On the way to Chaka Salt Lake, I passed Qinghai Lake. As the scenic spots in the northwest are relatively scattered, the drive is relatively long. Of course, enjoying the beautiful scenery requires a certain price, because traveling is a happy and hard thing at the same time.

After a few hours' drive, I finally arrived at the Chaka Salt Lake scenic spot. However, the weather was not beautiful. On the day of visiting Chaka Salt Lake, it rained moderately, and the temperature dropped to about 13 degrees. Fortunately, I prepared a charge coat and umbrella in advance. However, when I saw the salt lake, I still felt a great shock. The sky and the salt lake reflected each other. The white visual impact was very strong, although I did not see the blue sky and white clouds in the salt lake, but the rain in the salt lake unique hazy beauty is also a unique landscape!


Day4July 26 Republic-Qinghai Lake Rape Flower-Qinghai Lake-Xining


Today's main itinerary is Qinghai Lake in the Republic. We took the lead in Qinghai Lake with rape flowers, which form a beautiful scenery line with Qinghai Lake in the distance.


I don't know what words to use to praise these beautiful scenery, just want to express: it is really beautiful, I can responsibly say that any picture of unmodified beautiful scenery can be used as the desktop background of the computer!


Rape flowers in Qinghai Lake are the beauty of Qinghai Lake from a perspective, and what is the Qinghai Lake from a close-up view? It is a blue "sea", endless and crystal clear.

Day5: July 27 Xining-Ta'ersi-Xining

Ta'er Monastery is the last scenic spot of our trip. The visit to this scenic spot is to follow the commentator of Ta'er Monastery all the way forward. While appreciating the style of each building unit of Ta'er Monastery, we also learn the extensive and profound Tibetan Buddhist culture!

    Day6: July 28 Xining-Lanzhou-Shenzhen

On July 28, we ushered in the return journey of this trip. The trip can never be perfect. Some of the Northwest are absolutely natural, and there are various wonderful encounters. If there is a chance, also want to go further to see the other half of the desert, look at the endless sand sea, listen to the camel bell dangdang, mountains and rivers meet, goodbye! "Passing Through Your World" said: Even if I have to go back in a few days, I still go to work, still noisy, still upset, but I have a new view of the world. Even if nothing has changed, at least, life is like a book, and my book has a few more color pages than others. This is the meaning of travel!