2021 Wayne International Gan Qing Tour-Feel the Customs of the Northwest


Author: Vincent


Release time:2021-08-03

Many years ago, I made an appointment with several friends to go to the northwest, but failed to make it for various reasons.

Many years later, we will definitely think of: the stretches of Qilian Mountains and the vastness of Qinghai Lake……


Many years ago, I know the Great Northwest:

It is the banner of falling sunshine, the wind is rustling, the spring breeze is not over Yumen Pass, and the sunshine is out of the west;

Is the Loess Plateau, is Lu Yao's cave;

It is the majestic Kunlun, where the six major factions are besieging Guangming Top;

It is the snow of Helan Mountain, Li Yuanhao's founding Xixia;


It is the vast expanse of Qinghai, the rapids of the Yellow River and the relief of Tarim;

It is the sound of the ancient silk road, the sound of camel bells;

It is the sky high and the clouds are light, the Gobi is thousands of miles away; it is also the many lakes and the stars are the sea;

…… ……


Many years later this summer, I set foot on Gansu Qinghai-- Feel the amorous feelings of the Great Northwest.

Starting from Lanzhou, here at nightIt is still very bright at 8 o'clock. When it gets dark, you will find it is already 9 o'clock in the evening.


MorningI go to work at 9 o'clock and leave work at dark. If you are introduced to work in the northwest by friends, you must be cautious about this condition. If you go to Xinjiang at a little more northwest, it is said that it is still dawn at 10 o'clock in the evening.


From Lanzhou to Zhangye, from one end of eggplant to the other. When I first left Lanzhou, this eggplant was verdant, and from time to time I could see verdant mountains, forests and aquatic plants.


Gradually, this eggplant began to be grilled, water loss, become dry. The terrain is broken, ravines are vertical and horizontal, and trees are gradually scarce.

Gradually, like baked eggplant, can not see green, replaced by yellow barren, no people.

(The cell phone signal is still very good, don't worry about this)

By Zhangye, it was already evening.It's 9 o'clock, it's just getting dark, eating in the dark, what a good habit!

On the highway, you can see many mountains in Gansu, there will be white, yellow, red and so on, but the color is relatively light. To Zhangye, the color is darker and distinct, the achievement of a unique Danxia landform.

Colorful Danxia, yellow, red and white... the mud. The general camera can only shoot the effect of mud, a good camera can shoot a large area of the sense of sight.

Plus, the northwest wind is really strong.

Out of the colorful Danxia, through the YanZhi Mountains, along the Qilian Mountains, the landform is a change, lush mountains, continuous Qilian Mountains prairie.

Through the herdsmen can see the mountains of white sheep, black yak.


Back then, Huo Qubing defeated the Huns and lost the Qilian Mountains prairie. There is a song of the Huns:

The loss of my mountain makes my women colorless.

The loss of my Qilian Mountains has made my six animals inanimate.


Lost YanZhi Mountain, we grazing difficulties, living in poverty, women because of the poor life have no good face.


The loss of the Qilian Mountains has caused us to lose good pastures and livestock cannot breed. How sad we are!

Nanning is in the south and Xining is in the west. RunningIn 6 hours, we arrived in Xining, the capital of Qinghai Province.

Qinghai is the source of the Three Rivers and the birthplace of the three major water systems of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the Lancang River. As long as the green water green mountains, is particularly important.

People to travel for a living, the distant Qinghai Lake quietly lying……


Qinghai Lake is as vast as the sea. Rainy days are connected with the sky. It is not clear where the sky is and where the sea is.

On a sunny day, the blue waves are thousands of miles away, flocks of seagulls are flying, and hordes of Huangyu are swimming among them.

Along Qinghai Lake to the west is the prefecture-level city of Haixi Prefecture, where there is Chaka Salt Lake, the beauty of the sky. It can be imagined that when the weather is good, the blue sky and white clouds are also in the sky and the ground, and above our heads and under our feet, how gorgeous it is.

In case of rain, the mirror is blurred, only tea card tea card (salt pool). Can only imagine, in the starry night, double the starry sea, and how bright.

For the scenery, because of the weather, inevitably some regret.


However, compared with the same period, some groups stayed in a hotel in Zhangye for 2 days due to the blocking of mudslide roads (in fact, we also changed another road to Xining due to mudslide). We finally got to Dunhuang and encountered sandstorms, ate sand and continued to stay in the hotel. We went to Emerald Lake because the flood scenic area was closed. We stayed in the hotel for the last 6 days. If we didn't play anything, we had some luck.


This is the Great Northwest, where the weather changes.


For people who grew up here, this kind of change is probably used to it.


What remains unchanged is that it is still sparsely populated. (Take Qinghai as an example, with a population of about 6 million. Xining accounts for nearly 50% of the population with less than 2% of Qinghai's area. Except Xining, the provincial capital, other places are sparsely populated.)


What remains unchanged is that they still like to be simple and direct, which makes people feel very real.

This can also be detected from the signboard names of their shops. A lot of shops are like this."Beef Noodles", "Cordyceps", "Hotel Supplies", "Hand Grilled Lamb", "Fruits and Vegetables", "Pearl Milk Tea", "Liangpi Roujiamo"......


At the entrance of the Yellow River Hotel where we stayed, there was a slogan under the three-character sign of "massage shop". The slogan was like this: "Press is good".


If travel is a massage for the soul, I also want to say this: northwest, according to is good!