Travel | Nha Trang-Romance and Elegance Left by the French


Author: Katherine

Source: Wayne International Intellectual Property

Release time:2019-07-02

Introduction: This is a travelogue of Vietnam. Every beautiful and romantic picture is recorded with a camera, and every frame is full of Vietnamese cultural customs.

The Vietnam in my heart stays in the movie "The Taste of Green papaya", which is warm and flexible, or the sea breeze blowing on the deck in the movie "Lover", the romance and elegance left by the French.

When I stepped into this land with such a mentality, I was undoubtedly a little disappointed. Perhaps with the progress of time, it is now full of the breath of a socialist country. Generally speaking, there is less amorous feelings. But when I sat at the table to recall this journey, I found that, strangely, my memories are still full of stories I want to share, and the reason I want to set foot on this land again.

Nha Trang is the capital city of Vietnam's Khanh Hoa Province. It is located in the central port city of Vietnam and has the best beaches in Vietnam. Nha Trang is divided into dry season and rainy season. The rainy season is 11Month to 1month like this.


The coastal city in the south, from Shenzhen to cross here, the first feeling is that the sunshine here is brighter, the air is fresher, and the main roads in the city are more spacious, but turning into the alley is still the old house with people riding motorcycles all over the street, the city is full of flavor and beauty.

We live in a hotel in the city, the transportation is more convenient, walk 10 from the hotelMinutes is the famous beach in Nha Trang. In the evening, I took a walk to the beach after dinner to see the sunset. The coastline is so long and endless that I feel the romance of pink and blue slowly blending.

Tropical plants grow wantonly, 2nd of the tripIn the sky, when we arrived at the island by boat under the scorching sun, we took a sip of coconut water in a heat wave. we didn't need too much meaning to say, but we just squandered it with our mood. travel was such a simple and tender short time.

Trip 3Day, feel the history of Vietnam and the changes brought about by time

Po Naga Zhanpo Pagoda is also translated as the Temple of the Goddess of Heaven, where the Goddess of Heaven is enshrined. It is said that she protects fishermen who eat by the sea. This tower was built in 7-12 AD.century.

Stone Headland at Chung Yu (Five Finger Rock)

----It is one of the locations of the French movie "Lover". At the end of the movie, the hero and heroine stand by the reef by the sea, where they say their final goodbye. The chongyu stone headland has a rare granite coast in Nha Trang, with protruding rocks extending in the direction of the sea, unlike the panoramic view of the beach.

The streets of Vietnam under the night are not as endless as the traffic during the day, and the dark streets of Nha Trang are a little more quiet and a breath of life.

The urban area of Nha Trang has a relatively strong modern atmosphere. There are few modern buildings on the main roads. On the coastal roads after night falls, colored lights are hung high, and there is even the atmosphere of domestic third-and fourth-tier cities.

The sky bar looks down on the street view of the whole Vietnam

Take advantage of the company's welfare to see the world, and don't forget to present a photo of the Wayne family at the end of the travel notes.

-Seafood dinner and Wayne's group of not old women, simply childlike.

If I were to rank my travels one by one, to be honest, Vietnam would not be in the top three or even the top five, but I think I will set foot on this land again. I like the market and life here, as well as the bowl of river powder that still haunts me.