Wayne International Discusses Intellectual Property Protection, Operations and Management with Global Peers at INTA


Author: Wayne Intellectual Property

Source: Wayne Intellectual Property

Release time:2018-06-07

Seattle (Seattle) After entering the working state on the fourth and fifth days, the company learned that most customers are increasingly aware of the importance of intellectual property rights. Enterprises have gradually changed from passive application to active application, and due to the influence of the social environment, it is difficult to develop enterprises without product research and development, intellectual property protection planning, and intellectual property layout in advance.

   China's economic transformation by the previous OEMFully upgraded to ODM,And the sales model has changed from physical to online, and the changes in manufacturing and sales models have become more and more stringent on intellectual property rights. It is no exaggeration to say: in the future, enterprises without independent intellectual property rights will become second-rate enterprises, and countries without independent intellectual property rights can only become second-rate countries!

   Wayne International arranges a team to participate in the annual international event every year. In recent years, more and more countries have paid attention to the Chinese market and the Chinese government has increased its protection of intellectual property rights. The number of foreign companies applying for patents and trademarks in China has also increased year by year. The company obviously feels that the number of consultations from foreign companies is gradually increasing. However, some national lawyers are skeptical about the domestic knowledge protection. Therefore, our main purpose this time is to meet with lawyers from various countries, communicate face-to-face, answer questions, enhance understanding, and achieve the goal of doubling the number of applications from foreign customers in Chinese companies this year.

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