Vietnam: Nha Trang Tour


Author: Nelly

Source: Wayne International Intellectual Property

Release time:2019-07-02

This is my first time in Vietnam, 5Day 4During the evening trip, I was left with a lot of beautiful enjoyment and different cultural experiences.

It was already evening on the day of arrival. On the way from the airport to Nha Zhuang by bus, I was fortunate to see a beautiful sunset. The gorgeous sunset was matched with the pure blue sky, which made people feel happy. I quietly experienced this beautiful feeling along the way......

The second day's itinerary was mainly to go to sea to visit several distinctive islands in Nha Trang. Although I had seen the sea many times before, I had never taken a boat to the middle of the sea. We took a speedboat and just went out to the sea. We could see the sea water getting bluer and bluer. In front of the sea, we could not help but sigh at the smallness of human beings. The bottomless blue sea was more shocking with the deepening; the sun is very bright, we ride in the speedboat, blowing with the smell of the sea, the speedboat from time to time chasing the protruding waves, it is very pleasant.

Soon we reached the first island in the itinerary:Black IslandThe water quality of Heidao is very clear and bright. Looking up to the island, you can see the gradual change of sea water color from light to deep. It is very layered and full of changes. Each gradual change has different beauty. I think this is the charm of the sea. When your feet step into the water, it is refreshing and cold in an instant. It is really the best enjoyment in the hot summer. Looking down at the little fish, they are swimming on the edge. Living in such a beautiful environment, they must be very happy.

The second island I went to was called the first island. the beach beside the island was dense, suitable for walking barefoot on the beach, and also suitable for swimming. If you don't want to go to sea, you can also lie on the chair in the pavilion and listen to the sound of waves beating the coast, blowing cool sea breeze, or pleasant conversation between friends, so as to relax.

Later, we went to Bird's Nest Island and East Silkworm Island. Although we had many trips, we were not tired. The beauty of the sea was really unforgettable.

At noon on the third day, we set out directly to taste Vietnam's special three treasures meal: rice noodles, spring rolls and French sticks. The dining place is very Vietnamese and is a very beautiful cultural village. We dine in a hut built with thatched grass on the top. There is no shelter around the hut and a small lake on the edge. The lake surface blows slowly and cool breeze from time to time. During the meal, we also provide Vietnamese special performances, with delicious food and beautiful scenery. It is really enjoyed it.

In the afternoon, we set off for Zhanpo Pagoda, where the goddess of Tianyi is enshrined. She protects the fishermen who eat by the sea, which is equivalent to Mazu in the eyes of Chinese fishermen. We come here with a pious heart to pray for ourselves and our families, and may the gods hear us. Entering the scenic spot, the first thing you see is the bottom platform of Zhanpo Tower, which is 12A huge stone pillar, 10One big one, two small ones. The architectural style of Zhanpo Pagoda has the flavor of Angkor Wat. The tower body is made of red clay solid bricks. Bodhisattvas sit in each small tower. The whole Zhanpo Pagoda looks solemn and holy. The architecture of Zhanpo Pagoda is somewhat weathered, and some of the carvings on the upper part are blurred, full of marks of time. Standing in Zhanpo Tower Square, surrounded by blue sea and blue sky, Nha Trang's buildings are lined with rows. As an ancient religion, it only remains in the corner of the world, allowing today's people to have more reverie.

Another scenic spot in the afternoon: Wuzhiyan. I think the origin of its name should be related to the shape of the rock. Looking down from a height, it is like a person's five fingers standing. Walking down the ladder, you came to the lithosphere. Many tourists walked and shuttled between the rocks, as if they had returned to the feeling of peek-a-boo when they were children. It was fun to appear for a while and hide in the rocks for a while. We came to the top of the rock, where we could see a large area of sea, the sea near and the sea in the distance. The scattered rocks echoed the beautiful sea.

The fourth day was a free trip. We went to the traditional market in Nha Trang. The sound of motorcycles dripping from time to time sounded beside us. It was the people who shuttled through the stalls to pick and buy. The people who were busy early in the morning were full of life. Breath, fruits, vegetables, seafood......All kinds of commodities make the market colorful. There are many items I have never seen before. It is full of novelty. It is still very interesting to visit the market.

As night fell, the night market began to be lively. Most of the local specialties such as dried fruits, coffee, perfume and facial mask were sold in the night market. As most of the people who came to visit were Chinese, I felt that I was still in China. The vendors in the night market were very enthusiastic, the crowd was bustling, and there were bargaining voices in our ears from time to time. Finally, we selected some dried fruits and set foot on the return journey.

Walking in the streets and alleys of Nha Trang, what I like to see most is the local buildings. The single-family small building is dressed in various styles according to the owner's preferences, and various flowers and plants are planted beside the building, each with its own characteristics. From these elaborate costumes, you can feel people's love for life; there are many large and small coffee shops on the street, and people are in groups, tasting the traditional drip coffee, leisurely enjoying the good time in the afternoon......

When you come to Yazhuang, of course, you have to taste the local specialties: Vietnamese rice noodles, beef bone soup with freshly squeezed rice noodles is full of flavor, and you can also add some lemon juice and special spices to the powder. The addition of sour flavor removes the greasiness of beef bone soup, and the addition of spices makes the powder more flavorful. Seafood hot pot, pour a variety of seafood ingredients into the same pot, stew with local soup, full flavor. Roast, put all kinds of meat and vegetables on the tiles and roast them. The hot tiles can quickly lock the moisture in the food. The roasted food is tender and juicy. With cold drinks, it has a special flavor. Fresh drip coffee, without additives, can taste the bitterness and fragrance unique to coffee. Avodado ice cream, in a small cup, filled with avocado milkshake at the bottom, topped with a coconut milk ice cream, sprinkle with some crisps, the milkshake at the bottom has a fragrant avocado flavor, and the ice cream coconut flavor and milk flavor on the top are very rich. When mixed together, the taste is very good......

Soon the trip to Nha Trang in Vietnam was over, and it was time to return. Use the camera to record the happy moments, let all the good things stay in memory, tidy up the mood and start working hard.