Vietnam Nha Trang-Impression of the Sea


Author: Emma

Source: Wayne International Intellectual Property

Release time:2019-07-03

Music or books, there is a kind of magic, once immersed in them, the world is my own. When looking at the sea even immersed in Nha Trang, this magic is also instantly surrounded by imagination, and you can enjoy the wonderful space that seems to be carefully arranged only for you.


Looking back on this trip, my brain filtered many memory points flashed like a screen, and then gradually became clear to the sea in Nha Trang, Vietnam and the pictures related to the sea. The sea here conforms to all my settings for the blue sea.


Take a speedboat to the sea, the sea is surging with the wind, the waves and the boat crash into the high waves, and the warm sunshine sprinkles the whole sea without stint. Imagine that I am a little fat fish at this moment. There is endless food in the sea, and I am never picky about food. However, I am agile and flexible. I jumped out of the water at once. After a short flight, I plunged into the deep and mysterious sea. The sea was hit by my body with a large cluster of waves. Then I......Bang, the speedboat stopped and landed.......The crew on the ship will be rickety I helped off the ship, it turned out that I was a little seasick.

The reason why I said to immerse myself in the sea of Nha Trang is because I have completed what I have always wanted to do but did not do. It is said that my courage came a little late. What forced me to make this decision was that the tour guide had always stressed that diving in Nha Trang was the cheapest. In the end, I chose to buy a conservative and slightly sexy swimsuit. After changing clothes, I took a boat to the diving place. My original idea was to jump out of a perfect arc to reach the water, and then be wrapped in a colorful school of fish, which swim out of a ribbon-like curve with your graceful posture. The reality is that the natural fear of my body makes me realize that I can't swim and I don't have a graceful figure. I only have to dive several times and ask to float up, hold on...hold on...not ready...The coach kept repeating my words in a mocking and frivolous tone, and my courage was immediately aroused. I resolutely dived into the sea and successfully completed the underwater three consecutive shots. At this time, I have overcome my fear and want to dive again, the coach said, sorry,We should go back... At that time, it was about ten meters away from the ship in the sea, but I wanted to enlarge that distance indefinitely in my memory. He used the diving equipment as a floating board to let me swim near the boat and experience the feeling of swimming in the sea. At that moment, I really felt the temperature and breath of the sea. I greedily wanted to throw away the floating clothes and let myself fall into the arms of the sea. I think I can forgive him for talking like a parrot like me.


When night falls, standing on the still warm beach, I greet the gentle lapping of the waves and listen to the chasing sound of the waves from far to near. The sea without stars and the black sky harmoniously hand over, silence, a touch of melancholy temperament, fascinating. However, after only three seconds of melancholy, I played jumping photos with my companions. When I felt a little tired from jumping, dozens of photos were full of snapshots of female ghosts. This is probably a punishment for not enjoying the sea at night.

Looking back on the previous sunrise watching plot, I actually overslept and missed all the sunrises. This time, I didn't let myself regret, because someone called me to get up. This time, my time-lapse photography recorded the sunrise process. The beautiful thing of waiting for the sunrise is also a beautiful thing in itself. I stared at the sun and soon felt the heat of the newborn sun. It turned out that the sun did not rise slowly, and even the moment I was distracted, it might have been hanging on the other side of the sea. At the moment, the sea is full of dense spots of light. I know that it is already bright and the sea is like getting dressed in the morning, blue and shining brightly. The picture of people bathing in the sea at dawn and melting with the sea is as warm and brilliant as the sun. When an old woman buried herself in a sand pit and sat enjoying the sea under the sunrise, I shook the sand in my shoes and was ready to go back to sleep...

If I put my clothes on my back, the whole world is in my clothes, and I am the only one who has no clothes on. The energy of the sea is enough to give you imagination; the sea of Nha Trang is also full of this energy.

Attached is a small town in Nha Trang and a group photo (also very beautiful):