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Author: Katherine

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Release time:2018-07-20

I will be in a trance. About going to Inner Mongolia is the place I have always planned to go. It happens to be fate. The place where the company team tour is Inner Mongolia, which I have always been thinking about. The day was still shrouded in night, so we had to get up and board the plane at the airport. Looking forward to the beautiful scenery of the prairie in the future, I was tireless, wrapped in my coat, and got on the bus with my eyes fluffy. The journey lasted 5hours arrived,All the way north from Shenzhen, destination-Chifeng, Inner Mongolia

In the past, it was often said that when you arrive in Inner Mongolia, you will experience China's vast territory and abundant materials. This is true. After nearly an hour's drive, there is an empty and vast scene outside the car window. The local driver is also very proud. We said that the place they can reach after driving for a few hours is considered close, unlike some inland cities, who are afraid of rushing out of their own province with one foot of the accelerator, although such a statement is exaggerated, it is very appropriate and lovely as a joke. It offsets the fatigue of the trip and enjoys the vast land outside the car window. Such a view is very beautiful.

About Desert-Yulongsha Lake

Yulongsha LakeLocated in Inner MongoliaChifengCityThe northeast of Wudan Town, Wengniute Banner, the western edge of Horqin Sandy Land, is known as the most beautiful desert sound sand recently. As a southerner, I have never been to the north before. I have seen sand fields and beaches hhh, and the desert is the first time I have seen them. At this time, I was extremely excited and did not feel tired at all. Then I experienced a cross-country sand rush, which was very exciting. The driver took us to the depths of the desert. The mobile phone began to lose its signal. In a world without network communication, I began to feel the breath of the wilderness and no man's land. This desert trip was officially started.

In my impression, the desert is desolate and without vegetation, but Yulongsha Lake is somewhat different. The vegetation coverage rate of sand dunes is quite high, and there are also a few water sources. I also saw flowers and daisies dotted with a piece of sand. Although the scallions are not romantic, the boundless wilderness meets small white flowers, which makes the girl feel happy from a distance.

How can we accurately describe this mood through words? Everywhere you can see is a barren place. Except for the excitement brought by tourists, this land has a sense of tranquility. Because there is no obstacle, you seem to feel the wind slowly flying over from distant places, floating face with the smell of the earth it has accumulated all the way, birds flock overhead, gradually disappear in the sky, fellow illustrator Xiao Shan casually sat on the roots of dead trees and began to draw, I walked to the top of the distant desert, so quietly standing in situ, think of Xin Qiji's poem "When is everything sufficient, the sun and the moon from the west to the east. The infinite universe, man is a drop in Taicang."

The first day's trip ended with the arrival of the evening. After saying goodbye to the desert, my colleagues also went back to the hotel to rest after dinner.

About Grassland-Ulanmu Grassland, Ullagai Grassland

Because Inner Mongolia has a wide area, the 9-hour drive did not scare us, so we spent almost the day in the car. On the way through many villages and small towns, the scenery along the way is very beautiful, cattle, sheep, horses, shrubs, wind and grass low to see cattle and sheep, it is not false, let me, the "never seen the world" southerners have been staring at the window, do not feel tired at all.



During the one-day trip, we also saw beautiful scenery that we can't see on weekdays. As the saying goes, "the best scenery is on the road," so the day's drive is not wasted at all. With the yearning for the grassland, we finally arrived.

Ulanmu grassland

Ulanmu grasslandLocated in Inner Mongolia Autonomous RegionChifengCityKeshiketeng BannerTo the south-west, it was the Qing Dynasty Royal Mulan Paddock District, too.Princess Huanzhu》《Kangxi Dynasty》《Emperor Hanwu"and other famous films


Because of the weather, it rained, so it didn't take a good picture, but the tour guide told us that it is now a year of drought that is rare in a century, because if guests from afar come here and it rains, it is the most distinguished guest in the prairie.

Uragai Prairie

Wulagai GrasslandBecauseUragai RiverName, locatedXilingol LeagueAt the junction of Xing'an League and Tongliao City, there are many kinds of animals and plants, which are known as "Tianbian grassland. Also a movieWolf TotemThe location of




What makes me amazed is not only the endless grassland as beautiful as oil paintings, but also the setting sun outside the Great Sai. For some reason, my favorite thing in life is to record the sky. I like gradual color, especially pink and blue.



Following the setting sun, we bid farewell to the grassland. During this trip to the grassland, we had wind blowing, grass was low, cattle and sheep were everywhere, riding horses, eating sheep, encountering the setting sun and feeling the bonfire.



About Leisure

At the third stop of the trip, the boat was tired a few days ago, the companions were also tired, and some colleagues also showed symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort, so this time the theme is EnJoyHot Springs Town

No matter where I go for leisure, I can't do without chess, cards and balls. This time I came into contact with billiards, which I didn't catch a cold very much before. After realizing its fun, I couldn't put it down. Of course, this is not the top priority of leisure. Our leisure place this time is a hot water hot spring town, which is a natural geothermal. Unfortunately, I didn't record it with a camera because I couldn't bring my mobile phone.

About Food

I think any travel notes can not be without food, how can I be less!

"Roasted whole sheep" is a traditional and unique flavor of Inner Mongolia banquet delicacies. Due to the special and exquisite processing method of "roasted whole sheep", it used to be only enjoyed by Mongolian princes, but ordinary herders could not eat it at all. Now most people have the opportunity to taste this traditional food. Roasted whole sheep is the healthiest, most environmentally friendly and greenest food in the meat diet at present. Roasted whole sheep has a golden and oily appearance, a yellow and crisp external meat, soft and tender internal meat, and a fragrant mutton flavor. It is quite palatable and unique.

The sheep scorpion is the sheep girder, because its shape is similar to the scorpion, so commonly known as the sheep scorpion. The sheep scorpion has"The king of calcium"The reputation. For work, study fatigue and sleepiness, can play the role of refueling and charging, can be called for all ages, enjoy the excellent delicacies of the four seasons. When eating sheep scorpions, you must first chew the meat and then suck the pith. Although eating like is not elegant, it is generous! If you talk about the taste, it can be said that the meat soup is fresh and does not plug your teeth ~

About The Wayne Family

Finally, put on this group photo of the Wayne family to record this different journey! Thanks Wayne!




This trip has come to an end. As the saying goes: it is better to travel thousands of miles to read thousands of books, slow down to feel the beauty of nature, listen to the voice of nature, and look for inspiration and wisdom. You are in a hurry and have no time to take care of the beauty of the roadside. Life is very long, I hope you can go where you want to go, listen to what you hear, see what you see, think what you think!