Kuang Bing, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shenzhen Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, guided the work at the 2nd Guangdong Intellectual Property Exchange Expo


Author: Wayne Intellectual Property

Source: Wayne Intellectual Property

Release time:2018-11-12

 11Month 7-8On the same day, the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration (Intellectual Property Office), Guangzhou Municipal People's Government and China Patent Information Center co-sponsored the "2018Guangdong Intellectual Property Trading Expo "(hereinafter referred to as" CIIE ") was held in Guangzhou.

     Wayne International has been invited by the organizers to participate in this event for the second year in a row. This year's "Fair" and 2017Compared with the first session of the Intellectual Property Exchange in 2008, the scale of participation and the scale of transactions have set new records. Wayne International also sent a stronger team to consult and communicate with enterprises on the spot on intellectual property related aspects, and to answer questions and solve problems for enterprises' intellectual property rights protection and confirmation.


Kuang Bing, Director of the Management Committee of Shenzhen Market Supervision and Administration Bureau and Secretary of the Party Committee, accompanied by Director Chen Mingang of Shenzhen Intellectual Property Office, also visited our booth and listened to our company's work report in recent years. Director Kuang Bing also gave great praise to our company's development, and hoped that our company could continue to provide more legal support for Shenzhen's enterprise products to go out safely!


                Kuang Bing, Director of the Administrative Committee and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau



                              Chen Mingang, Director of Shenzhen Intellectual Property Office  


     Wayne International's intellectual property can stand out in this small field in the world. In addition to the American lawyer team and a highly skilled and high-quality team in China, what is more important is that with the support of such a large domestic environment, the Chinese government continues to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights,As China becomes a leading patent country, the Chinese government has been adjusting its institutions to give relevant departments the right to crack down on infringement, the most bold measure China has taken to strengthen intellectual property protection in decades. This time, many high-level leaders came to the scene and did a lot of work for the promotion of intellectual property rights. I believe that in the future, our working environment will be better. In the future, more companies and individuals will have correct knowledge. Property concept.