Travel Skills-Spitting -2018 Wayne International Inner Mongolia Tour


Author: Emma

Source: Wayne Intellectual Property

Release time:2018-07-19

"I fell in love with a wild horse, but there is no grassland in my home." this trip to Inner Mongolia, I have a grassland in my heart, leaving the appearance of desert in my memory, and I have to season it with some spitting. Every time I travel, I go from a familiar but temporarily bored place to another strange but headed place. My eyes and brain are filled with fresh scenery, food, people and things. After that, I suddenly feel bored and slightly lost. After returning home, travel has become a conversation in our mouth, and spitting has become an indispensable flavoring agent. It seems that spitting can make the aftertaste light but interesting.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------The dividing line (the sequelae of brushing Zhihu)


"Li Nianfeng, come and spit out this aunt......

"When you laugh, you have the feet of a fish......


Under the childish words of Li Nianfeng, a little friend of Geng Wang, who took turns spitting out his uncles and aunts, I even laughed so much that crow's feet became more obvious. Even though I didn't want to admit that I was already at the age when my aunt smiled unconsciously, I still couldn't stand the cruel reminder of time and naturally revealed my aunt's temperament.

Since leaving school and becoming a social person, I have been traveling every year, most of which are group tours with the company. Looking back on these travel experiences, although the scenery and humanities are different, there are some common points. The first one that comes out of my mind is the complaint that accompanies each trip. Just like human imperfections, travel has many imperfections. If travel is like a medium-length novel, it is probably not perfect to build a full and three-dimensional character that is both loveable and hateful, while Marisol's novelhappy endingTaste and chew wax, pastime is greater than meaning.

The first stop of the journey is full of expectation, and Inner Mongolia is no exception. The full screen of green grassland is for those of us who have been sitting in front of the computer for a long time.IPAs far as migrant workers are concerned, they not only relieve their eyes, but also make people fascinated. In a moment, they can imagine that they are riding a horse, the wind of the grassland is refreshing, and the vast expanse of the grassland is endless. Although they have read a few books, they still feel that the words are poor when describing, and thousands of words can be turned into one sentence: Ah! I...TMWant to go!

The flight time of the plane is very painful. It goes to 6 o'clock and returns late to 1 o'clock in the morning. But these cannot stop our eagerness to see the beautiful scenery of Inner Mongolia immediately. The first thing that catches the eye is the desert scene of Yulongsha Lake. As a tourist, the most basic thing is to take pictures. After we got off the bus, we took a group photo of a single person and took a selfie. We almost forgot that we were here to play. SUV across the desert, say yes90It may be our petite and weak appearance, or it may be our grandiose cry that fooled the SUV driver. If you do it again, master, you can drive and I will lose. Not badLEOThe emergence of the rescue was boring. A leader led us four girls to "explore", jumping off cliffs, climbing slopes, sliding sand, making strange expressions (only I was strange), freezing in the photo, with drizzling raindrops, like a desert Jianghu in a chivalrous trip, carefully stepping on the desert road covered with camel excrement, and finally returning to the hotel tired.

When it comes to hotels, the hotels on the six-day Inner Mongolia tour are like the yurts of herdsmen on the grassland, which change every day with the itinerary. On the first day, the burning water heater caught us off guard. The hot water turned into cold water after washing, and the heart seemed to shiver at the moment when it rushed to the top of the head. Another residence is a "good story" that must be mentioned in the history of hotel stay in the past, the educated youth town. The rows of bungalows were overgrown with weeds and entered the educated youth hotel by the light of their mobile phones. Hot bath is still not realized, a smell from time to time to the nose, a deep sniff, confirmed that belongs to the toilet. The sewer in the bathroom was saturated and overflowed into the guest room. The cold wash water made Ben sleepy and I woke up. The difficulty of realizing such a few days of hot bath makes the hot spring hotel one night extremely precious. Everyone thinks that that night is particularly beautiful.

Apart from sleeping, the rest of the time should be spent on the bus. Most of the time on the bus should be sleeping in the past. An average of four or five hours of driving every day adds to the fatigue of the journey, and even two days is about seven or eight hours of driving. I just want to lie on the bed with sudden acute gastroenteritis and wake up to find that I am still in the car. Why is the time so slow? I vaguely hear the crazy singing of Nianfeng children in my sleep. No matter how to adjust the posture, unable to stretch the limbs always have a feeling of being bound, so that the bed is a wonderful thing.

Once upon a time I like to eat mutton dumplings, sheep scorpion, but since then, I see mutton need to be forced to erase a memory. Eating mutton at a meal is a bit extravagant, but it is a daily routine in Inner Mongolia. After a hearty dinner, deja vu began to appear early the next morning, vomiting and diarrhea, which usually occurred when I went home for the New Year and overeating. So, this trip went to a place that had not yet played the card, the hospital. Now that I think about it, I actually hit my laughing point. One second I was alive and fearless, and the next I was listless and trembling. When everyone began to lose interest in the food on the table, the scene of eating instant noodles around the group meal was also touching. "This is the best meal today." After being "deceived" several times, I found that this sentence gradually showed its rationality. It is indeed a countdown to the arrival of the group meal. On the table in the educated youth town, my little sister and I (she also vomited and couldn't eat the food) had one for each.QQSugar replenishes energy, like a deflated ball looking out of the window, expressionless and without communication.

Section5In the scorching sun, four of us were parked by the bus under the Khan Mountain landscape, and then watched the bus go away. Before we knew what the operation was, the tour guide let us walk back to find the car. That road made me realize that there really is no long road. On the occasion of parting, the original itinerary was to visit the local museum, and the travel agency prepared another surprise for us. The museum was closed on Monday.bugLet's have the opportunity to stand at the gate of the museum and listen to the security guard Kan Tian Kan Kan Kan.

Although the bus did not have a comfortable bed, it carried the scenery, grassland, cattle, sheep, horses and pigs, windmills, afterglow and clouds all the way.......The green of the grassland, the white of the windmill, the colorful sunset, the eyes can enjoy the impact of color directly to the bottom of my heart. The number of roads in each journey is roughly the same, and happiness and spitting together make the journey complete and real.


At the end: everyone is almost in the sun. I'll put some pictures that others may not be able to put.

Drops! The hospital puns in...


Simple Pony


My toy model----Transportation used during the trip.