August 2023 Wayne International Thailand Tour-Hello, Thailand


Author: Rosie


Release time:2023-09-19

Thailand is a popular tourist country in Southeast Asia. I don't know when it started, or perhaps it was the Thai movie that had a far-reaching impact, attracting a large number of Chinese people to visit. Publicity about Thailand's tourism is also spread all over various social platforms in the country, among which key words such as durian fruit, transvestite, Savadica, Thai massage, island, hands folded, religion, and low prices constitute the first impression of Thailand. When I learned that the company had chosen Thailand as its tourist destination this year, I was not in my heart. No matter how imaginative I am, I believe that it is better to hear than to see.

The first day of the trip was the early morning arrival at Langman Airport in Bangkok. After seeing that the signs everywhere were no longer Chinese characters but unfamiliar Thai, a different feeling rose. Silently following the rear of the large army, I couldn't help thinking to myself that the team trip may be a little less free, but it is extremely reassuring, accompanied by reliable companions and professional tour guides, even if I am in a foreign country where I am not familiar with the language, I don't feel at a loss. After meeting with the Thai tour guide at the airport, he led everyone to take a bus back to the hotel to rest. On the way back to the hotel, the tour guide reminded us of all kinds of precautions. Only then did he realize that this country is more rigorous than expected. This is the case with travel. He always follows the Romans as the Romans do. After the body and mind relaxed, leaning against the window, the loose and curious eyes frequently projected out of the window, no longer flat images, all the scenes were three-dimensional, you can see the royal family photos everywhere in the streets of Bangkok, the dim lights like the eyes of sleepy people, and the surrounding patchwork of houses, looking very full of sense of story ...... Fortunately, the next day was a day without getting up early, I think there should be people like me who are always unconsciously trying to find the breakfast that Chinese babies like soybean milk, rice noodles, dumplings and so on.

After breakfast, everyone was ready to go, and then our relaxation trip officially began.

The whole trip revolves around Bangkok and Pattaya. It is inevitable to walk in a hurry and occasionally arrive slowly, not so tense and not so boring. Thailand's famous Bangkok Grand Palace was the first punch-in place and the most impressive one on this trip. First of all, there were clothing requirements. It was required to wear a sleeved jacket, and the trouser skirt should be as long as the ankle below the knee. It was just after noon when it arrived. The sun was burning overhead, the sun was shining brightly, and it was bustling. Under the sunlight, the buildings with magnificent gilded cornices are even more golden and magnificent. Or ups and downs, scattered layout, whether it is carving, murals or pagoda-style steeple buildings and mixed with the distinctive national characteristics, no matter how many gorgeous words to pile up can show half of the points. As well as the European style costumes that can be seen everywhere in the chocolate town full of fairy tale colors, all kinds of brightly colored decorations and neon lights interweave a dreamy look. Looking at the foreigners coming and going, I can't help but wonder about their stories. The evening breeze of sitting outdoors blows, the melody of music from the radio, and the satiety brought by food, everything makes people extremely comfortable. In the two days when I went to Pattaya, I hugged the sea again, played parachute, dived, and did a spa. At the same time, I felt Thailand's erotic and transvestite culture more directly, which brought a lot of impact. On the Siam Princess, we ate in the hall with other travelers while enjoying the performance. On the stage, their concave and convex figure and smiling appearance became the focus of the audience. Their unrestrained and enthusiasm also infected everyone present. As the atmosphere became enthusiastic, the audience also came forward to participate in the interactive photo shoot. I'm afraid that no matter how reserved people are, they can't be indifferent.

This trip also made me have a brief meeting with Thailand. Unfortunately, I failed to get close to the living areas of local residents and taste more delicious food. I often feel that the world is so big that people's first experience is precious.