August 2023 Wynn International Thailand Tour




Release time:2023-09-19

When it comes to Thailand, people always blurt out without thinking: transvestite! To see the transvestite! Yes, ladyboys are unique to Thailand on this planet. What else is there in Thailand?Five days of sightseeing and five days of glimpses will bring you some Thai scenery.

Bangkok, 1.

1. On the first day, we came to the Grand Palace. This magnificent building complex is the symbol of Thailand. There are palaces and holy temples of the Thai royal family. One of the most famous is the Jade Buddha Temple, which is dedicated to the most sacred Buddha in Thailand-the Jade Buddha. Jade Buddha is Sakyamuni Buddha made of jade. On this day in the midsummer of 2566, we pray and kneel here. You will be infected by this pious and solemn atmosphere.

Out of the palace, we took a boat tour of the Chao Phraya River. The river was surging. Both sides of the river bank were full of charming temples, palaces and markets. Along the way, there were unique scenery and life scenes in Bangkok.


As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok has a bustling cityscape. If you think so, you may be wrong. A few bustling behind more human fireworks.

We stayed not far from the luxurious Emerald Hotel, many of which were old streets and low dappled houses. Many street stalls cook fried rice and barbecue in narrow and cramped alleys. Seeing these environmental conditions, it may be difficult for you to swallow, but this is the daily life of many people.


And in contrast to the fine temples that can be seen everywhere,"Four hundred and eighty temples in the Southern Dynasty, how many towers in the misty rain", I'm afraid it is no less than the Southern Dynasty Liang Wudi.

Faith above all else, Buddhist culture prevails here,More than 90% of the people believe in Buddhism, and they also have a calendar: Buddhist calendar. The first year is 543 BC, the year of Buddha Sakyamuni's Nirvana.

At the crossroads coming out of the alley, there is a small temple with exquisite shrines and statues of Buddha, where countless people line up to worship every day.

I cannot remember a story:Emperor Wudi of LiangSee Patriarch Darmo and say:"IGuangzao temple, the masses of monks, write sutras, make Buddha statues to spare no effort. All this, what merit?

Patriarch Darmo replied:"Reactive virtue".


SectionIn 2 days, we arrive in Pattaya, a tourist resort known for its beautiful beaches and plenty of entertainment.

In the evening, the young people went to see the adult performance. Some of the others went swimming in the hotel, some went shopping. And we took a few more steps to reach this beach.


The evening breeze, the foot is delicate and soft, the moon star is thin, only feel the years quiet good, a peaceful.

On the third day,The dragon went out to sea.


Baisha Island, with beautiful white sand beaches and clear waters, bask in the sun, swim in the blue water, or participate in various water activities.

Section1 time to sea people excited. Flying parachutes, motorboats, scuba diving, etc., "Wow! Ah! Oh oh..." Have a great time! They are dragons out to sea.

These projects have been played in Malaysia and Vietnam before. I will be a shrimp and take a leisurely stroll on the bottom of the sea.!

Section3 nights, the transvestite performance

On the sea of Pattaya at night, there is4 big cruise ships: Oriental Princess, New Oriental Princess, Siam Princess....... Top transvestites perform inside.

A transvestite is not a eunuch,spend money to goLook.Eunuch, think about all feel crazy.

The transvestite has a beautiful appearance, but it is really technology and hard work, doing surgery and eating estrogen........ If no one spends money to see the ladyboys, won't this kind of tragic thing happen again? Unfortunately, every group going to Thailand will basically arrange to see the ladyboys show, and ours is no exception.

Perhaps knowing the tragic fate of the transvestite,Hans is full of sympathy, constantly interacting with the most beautiful transvestites and tipping them (the picture omits 10,000 words…)

The fourth day,Tropical fruit garden, elephant ride.

Fruit garden is rich in fruit, durian, mangosteen, longan, watermelon, passion fruit, mango and so on. Very fresh, aromatic, can eat to the full.

Elephants are Thailand's national treasureIn the past, we fought on horseback, while in Thailand we fought on elephants. We have the fire bull array, Thailand uses the elephant array.……

The fifth day,Free movement, return trip.

No danger, we're back!

The 5-day trip to Thailand is over, and the meaning is still not enough? A little bit of water? A happy return? Buddha said: Not to say.