Travels of Thailand


Author: Luo


Release time:2023-09-19

A word-count lead:

I will put on a pair of broken slippers. All I have to do is to go everywhere, enjoy the beautiful scenery, taste delicious food, and visit relatives and friends. I mean, if you want to waste time aimlessly and without planning, this will be a good choice. I fantasize about these stupid things all day long, so I can be a tourist in the yellow beam.


With the moon and the wind thousands of miles, a night flying Thailand;

dressed neatly in the Grand Palace, the Grand Palace outside the fish dive;

Fish probe for bait, visitors Bude bait without hook;

Tour the fairy tale house and drink beer during the special meal.

Gems are divided into red, blue and yellow, jade purple expensive black king;

Sunset Restaurant Return Early, SunsetJudeThere's a pole long.

many types of water projects, motorcycle yachts break the wind and waves;

The beauty treatment younger brother has more strength, eliminates fatigue and reduces pressure to burn fat;

Siam princesses have many famous flowers, and the crowds of famous flowers are in harmony.

Sleep experience to make up sleep, jungle elephant into the jungle;

seasonal fruit hand pilaf, and the famous flower on the stage to see;

Occasionally rain itinerary change, hotel travel to find dinner;

Wandering long street to return, long street food unbearable to see;

You don't see pedestrians walking slowly on an empty stomach, only sighing that the country is far away in the middle of the night;

If you want to sacrifice the five viscera temple, you will return home early tomorrow;

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