Post-Siam Tour


Author: Emma


Release time:2023-09-19

The long road will come to an end, and this peace of mind is my hometown. At the end of each trip, one can't help but feel eager to return home.

After returning, the company's small director"Eun En" opens with interviews with members of the trip.

Enen: Is Thailand, Thailand, Thailand, and Thailand where the company went this time?

Emma: Yes. But why do you stutter?

Eun-eun: (eyes) You can be a little excited! Is it the boss?

Emma: Yes, yes, yes!

Eun En: You went to Bangkok and Pattaya. What was the most memorable thing during your visit?

Emma: It's quite a lot. For example, when taking TUTU at night, the driver quickly interspersed in the narrow streets of Bangkok, leaving several Japanese cars behind one after another. The rumbling sound of the engine was matched with superb drift, which had an aesthetic feeling of ignoring himself and others. The driver almost ran out of 360 degrees of rotation at the moment of parking! I was surprised for ten seconds. 100 Thai baht (five people) can get on a three-wheeled sports car and experience the speed and passion of Bangkok!

Eun: Can you tell us about the scenic spots in Thailand? For example, the famous Jade Buddha Temple and the Grand Palace.

Emma: Buddhism is the state religion of Thailand. Thailand is a southern Theravada Buddhism, which only seeks self-control and cannot help others. This is very different from the Buddhism I often hear about. I know very little about Buddhism, but this time my interest has increased. I think there are many Buddhist elements in Jin Yong's martial arts novels I read when I was young. I will share them with you when I know more. If you want to have a glimpse of the magnificent grand palace complex of jade Buddha temple, you can also look at the travel notes of other colleagues......

Eun-en: Tell me about your impression of Thais.

Emma: From markets, 711, hotels, SPA houses and restaurants, you can see ordinary Thais, all presenting faces of life. Ladyboy is a special group. I believe some people are just diligently interpreting the roles that fate has given them. After all, we are no different when we peel off the skin. On the road, I met Thai primary school students in school uniforms. Many girls wore two thick braids, showing a coarse cuteness.

Eun-eun: Do you remember anything delicious?

Emma: Breakfast egg rolls at The emerald hotel Bangkok in Bangkok. After I ordered one, the chef smiled and said in a low voice: Yes, ma'am.

Enen: Wait, let me try to understand. Do you want to say that the sound is good or the egg roll is delicious?

Emma: I mean good service makes the food more delicious.

Eun-eun: Isn't there a lot of delicious food, let's talk about it?

Emma: The Chocolate Town dinner is my favorite meal. It is like a fairy tale town. The town has a mini castle, a bridge under the castle, running water under the bridge, swans in the water, quacking ducks beside the swans, and me waving hard and ducks beside the ducks.

Eun-eun: You haven't said anything delicious......

Emma: Oh, there's German pork knuckle for dinner, which is better than Sam's, and other... Sorry, I'm not very good at describing food, hee hee.

Enen: Thailand has all kinds of fruits. Which one do you remember most?

Emma: There are three kinds, passion fruit, dragon palace fruit and snakeskin fruit. The deep impression of passion fruit came from my colleague Xiao Min's crazy dazzle of three plates of passion fruit. She said that there were not many, they were all cut in half. Longgong fruit is because everyone can't guess what fruit it is, but I think it is delicious and specifically checked its name. Snakeskin fruit is because I saw my colleague Xiao Ting not only said it was delicious, but also packed these "hedgehogs".

Eun En: It seems that there are so many kinds of fruits in Thailand that they can satisfy different people's fruit preferences.

Emma: Not really. The durian at the fruit feast did not satisfy most people's tastes.

Eun-en:... you should also be a person who likes animals, what kind of cute animals have you met in Thailand?

Emma: Elephants! The elephant I rode was called Anna, and the uncle who commanded the elephant said that Anna and the other elephant in front of me were husband and wife. To be more precise, the elephant in front is the father of their five children, because I'm not sure if elephants are monogamous. Uncle shouted "Anna, Savadica ~" and Anna put her nose up and made a "oh oh oh" voice. At this time, I need to give the tip to the elephant, ah no, to uncle. After that, I shouted "Anna, Savadica" by myself. Anna seemed to have not heard it. It doesn't matter. I shouted several more times.

Enn: I just want to know if Anna has responded to you......

Emma: No......

Eun-eun: Shopping is definitely inevitable when you go to Thailand. See you go to a lot of shopping in the itinerary, for example, how about latex mattresses in Thailand?

Emma: Thai latex mattresses and pillows. I tried lying on the pillows and they were quite comfortable. We went to the local "latex factory" and saw some workers through the glass. We didn't see clearly what the specific operation was because of myopia, but we could see that we were not very busy. Anyway, there were no people who promoted and explained the products. I almost bought it.

Eun-en: Then why didn't you buy it? Is it for economic reasons?

Emma: You said yes......

Eun-eun: One more stop is the Royal Jewelry Centre, can girls resist the glittering gems of all colors?

Emma: I don't usually like to wear jewelry, and I can't remember.

Eun-eun: Don't you have a morning to visit and choose?

Emma: People are always good at stripping out happier memories and selectively forgetting things (in a serious way).

Eun-en: (twice) did not buy it for economic reasons?

Emma: You said yes......

Eun-eun: Haven't you mentioned your tour guide yet?

Emma: It's hard to judge... I wish him well.

Eun-eun: Hey hey, the female team leader calls you "Zhou Zheng's wife"?

Emma: My name is easy to remember... When I like it, I call it Britney Spears, when I don't like it, I call it Mrs. Zhou, full of flowers, don't tell the true from the false, I wish her happy too.

Eun-en: ...... Then please sum up, what is the most worthwhile harvest this time?

Emma: There are two gains. The first harvest is to have a new understanding of some colleagues, I think this is one of the purposes of the League. The second harvest is through colleague Amy met a Thai girl. Sometimes I maintain a sense of alienation from most people. I always feel that once I become familiar or even intimate, everyone's imperfections will eventually appear, and the private sphere may be broken until I cannot be myself completely. Over time, the interest in actively understanding others fades away, while pride and prejudice take shape.

Eun-eun: It seems that this time you have gained more experience in interpersonal communication. Can you name your colleagues?

Emma: The next time you see who I call Brother X, you will know.

Eun-en: Haha, is this a kind of honorific?

Emma: Yes, girls have a striking sense of contrast. I think people deserve respect as long as they don't break the law and commit crimes, don't affect others, and be brave enough to be themselves. Salute ~

Eun-eun: So tell me about this Thai girl you just met?

Emma: At first sight, she is handsome and heroic, with crooked smiling eyes, clear and sincere eyes, naturally showing a sense of youth. Fresh temperament, thick hair, moustache on the lips, there is a kind of unpolished beauty. What touched me most was that she made friends without any precaution and full of vitality. Especially when her colleague Xiaomin said that she wanted to find a product endorsed by a Thai star and printed with face photos, she always took pains to find it. She should have to go to work the next day, but she accompanied everyone very late, hoping to help everyone buy what she wanted to buy during her trip to Thailand. For the first time, I took the initiative to find out Instagram who had not been updated for many years and made friends with her.

Eun-eun: I hear you're not very good at remembering passwords......

Emma: I tried to use the mailbox to retrieve the Instagram password, and then found that the mailbox password was also forgotten, so I tried to retrieve my mailbox password again, ha, ha, ha (embarrassed smile).

Erm: There are two final questions. The first question is: Is your waist still there?

Emma: (eyes) Next question.

Enen: Second question, as far as I know, you liked to write articles when you were a student, so you should also like to write such travel notes, right?

Emma: When a hobby becomes a job......

Eun-eun: (interrupting) Why don't you add a little desire to survive?

Emma: I think writing should become a habit. Contemporary people are surrounded by all kinds of network information every day. What we lack is never the way to obtain information, but the expression of words. We think that what we see and hear is what we think, but in fact it is not. The process of internalization is caused by ourselves. Only through this stage can we sort out our hearts, build independent cognition, and not be coerced by the complicated world, thus completing the process of exploring ourselves.

Card ~ ~

Note: "Eun Eun" is a virtual interviewer in my head; besides, I am not schizophrenic.