Guizhou trip-travel notes


Author: Yang Mingchao


Release time:2022-08-31

Standing in front of the waterfall that the Tang monk and apprentice had walked through, I could not have imagined that the slight oral ulcer at the time of departure had worsened a lot on the return trip. Only then did I know that scenery is not only related to scenery and weather, but also closely related to physical condition.


18 August

As the hometown of the old dopted mother in Guizhou, chili is a must. Barbecue is matched with exclusive chili, which is extremely fresh and fragrant. Coupled with beer, the taste of enjoying life is obtained. The second drinking in the evening breeze on the streets of Guizhou is even more cool and pleasant. The evening breeze is cool but not cold. Beer is drunk but not drunk. It comes and goes, full of nonsense, leisurely and complacent.

Looking back on last year's trip, I ran a number of small shops looking for wine. The comparison between the two was beyond my control.


19 August

Libo small seven holes, see the picture has been full of interest, the scenery is quiet and quiet, make people. Wu Jun, who said "those who fly in the sky, hope for the peak and rest their hearts, those who are knowledgeable about the world, and those who look at the valley and forget the opposite", may also have seen such an unwilling scenery.

There are seven small holes and seven big holes. The seven small holes are in the front and the seven big holes are in the back, while the best scenery is in the seven small holes, so that the tired body after visiting the seven small holes is no longer willing to go to the seven big holes. The time saved by the big seven holes was used to gather people's heads and play some mahjong on their mobile phones, which was also a waste of time.

To Guizhou, sauce wine had to mention. Interested friends can report to Guizhou to listen to the tour guide slowly, this article will not repeat.

Or after today, or after the two drinks last night, the oral ulcer has changed from two to three. The oral ulcer, which was supposed to get better at any time, actually followed the whole trip, which was hard to help.


August 20

Miao Village, Millennium Miao Village, Thousand-family Miao Village.

Or the eating habits are different, the Miao long table banquet is slightly uncomfortable, but the taste of the welcome wine is quite good, like a drink, so people can't help but take a big bite. Wine is easy to enter, and there is no greedy cup. It comes vertically and walks vertically.

At night in Miaozhai, there is a slight cool breeze, four cloths of lights, and the scenery is quite impressive. It is a good time to take pictures that should not be missed.


August 21

Since I learned to look at Lushan Waterfall from my textbook, I have been looking forward to the waterfall. Besides, Huangguoshu Waterfall, the largest waterfall in Asia, is famous and already wants to meet.

I have also been to Yuntai Mountain. The waterfall freezes in winter and I have seen a small waterfall. After all, I was not shocked enough. I didn't know Li Bai was full of nonsense after drinking until I saw the Huangguoshu waterfall. Where did the flying flow come from? Where did the galaxy fall for nine days.... Perhaps the galactic waterfall is destined to be Li Bai's waterfall, and the waterfall described by Li Bai is the most shocking waterfall that our generation can feel.

Leaving aside Li Bai's influence, Huangguoshu Waterfall is already excellent. Besides, water curtain cave passes under the waterfall, where visitors can enjoy the different scenery around the waterfall. Listening to the rain through the window is far less than watching the waterfall in the water curtain cave, or for tourists opposite the water curtain cave, you are the second view leaning against the window of the waterfall.

When approaching the waterfall, the air is covered with water vapor, and the water mist pounges on people, which makes people feel excited. Even when returning from the water curtain cave, the mood is still high, three steps and two steps, without feeling tired.

Today is the day when I walk the most, but I didn't drink two sips of water, just because of oral ulcer to the point where drinking water is painful, the taste is not enough.


August 22

The ancient town wall of Qingyan ancient town is so steep that it crawls up and does not dare to look back. Standing on the top of the city wall, looking around, Daming Jingzhi has a panoramic view.

As there was no direct return ticket to Shenzhen, I transferred via Guangzhou. However, the train was delayed. In order to catch up with the transfer, I prepared in advance and ran all the way. Fortunately, there was no danger and the transition was smooth. In addition, the travel period was extremely smooth, and the itinerary was within the planning. Even in Guizhou, where it is said that "there are no three sunny days", there is no rain throughout the whole journey. And I wish the people who see this article, like our trip, everything goes smoothly and the blessings are boundless.