Wayne International won the "Brand Trademark Construction Contribution Award" at the 11th China International Trademark Brand Festival"




Release time:2019-07-11

     "The mountain of Helan is 500 miles away, and the sky is extremely high." 7Month 5On the evening of Sunday, the 11th China International Trademark Brand Festival Welcome and Award Ceremony was grandly held at Yinchuan International Convention and Exhibition Center in Ningxia. At the welcome meeting, Ma Fu, president of the China Trademark Association, Sun Xueqing, member of the standing Committee of the Yinchuan Municipal CPC Committee and vice mayor, delivered warm speeches. Leaders from the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, the State intellectual property Office, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous region Government, the Yinchuan Municipal CPC Committee and municipal government, and local market supervision departments, officials from the World intellectual property Organization and intellectual property departments of overseas governments, well-known entrepreneurs, brand economists and intellectual property scholars at home and abroad, as well as agencies and media reporters and other 2000More people attended the welcome and awards ceremony.

In the subsequent awards ceremony of the 11th China International Trademark Brand Festival. Wayne International Won 2019Annual "Brand Trademark Construction Contribution Award!

Wayne International Intellectual Property is committed to the protection of intellectual property rights, providing the most professional services for the protection of intellectual property rights of domestic and foreign enterprises and individuals, especially focusing on the protection of foreign-related intellectual property rights. We have provided good services and suggestions for the intellectual property rights of thousands of enterprises and scientific research institutes to go abroad,Project cases cover 158 on five continentsAt present, the company's international intellectual property business accounts for 85% of the total business.Above, as the domestic environment for intellectual property protection is getting better and better, more and more foreign companies apply for patents and trademarks in China, hoping to be protected in the Chinese market, 2019Winning this honor at the China International Trademark Brand Festival in is not only an encouragement to our hard work in the past, but also a way for the company to serve customers with more professional knowledge in future work!!!