UAE Trademark Registration




Release time:2016-05-12

1. UAE Trademark Summary

1The United Arab Emirates is composed of seven emirates, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah and Ummenwan. Its capital is Abu Dhabi and Dubai is its commercial center.

2The United Arab Emirates Federal Law on the Protection of Trademarks1993Year1Month12Effective on the date of its implementation.1993Year2The implementation rules shall come into effect in the month.1993Year2month into effect.

3The acquisition of trademark rights in the UAE is based on the principle of prior use. Accept applications for registration of commodity trademarks, service trademarks, joint trademarks and certification trademarks.

4The classification of trademarks and services is basically in accordance with the international classification standard, but in No.32Class of beer and33Classes on alcoholic beverages are not allowed to register. The country is not a party to the major international intellectual property organizations or treaties.

The acquisition of trademark rights in the United Arab Emirates is based on the principle of prior use.

National Abbreviation:AEorU.A.E

5The official language is Arabic.

6Single category system


Documents required for 2. application

Name and address of the applicant (business license);

Categories and commodities to be protected/Name of service;

Trademark drawings;

The power of attorney shall be notarized and certified by the embassy.


3. registration procedure


Receipt Time:1Week
Registration takes time:10-14Months

After the trademark application is submitted, the formal examination and substantive examination (including relative reasons and absolute reasons) are carried out. After the trademark application is examined and approved, if there is no reason for rejection, the trademark application will be announced for a period of time.30Day. If there is no objection or the objection is not established, the trademark shall be registered..


4. Trademark Opposition Period:30Within days    


5. official languages:Arabic/English


6. Validity Period and Renewal

The exclusive right to use the trademark shall be valid from the date of approval.10years, each renewal of registration is valid10Year. Can be processed one year in advance; extended period3Months.



1Liquor may not be registered.

2, five consecutive years of non-use can be withdrawn.