Hong Kong Trademark Registration




Release time:2016-05-12

1. Hong Kong Trademark Registration Process

Hong Kong is the freest trade port in the world, coupled with its own good infrastructure and sound legal system, which provides a unique business environment for entrepreneurs. establishing a company in Hong Kong,Registered Hong Kong TrademarkIt can quickly increase the visibility of the enterprise, enhance the competitiveness of the continuous growth of the enterprise, and obtain the maximum profit.

ApplicationHong Kong TrademarkCondition

1. May apply as a natural or legal person
2. Materials required for trademark application
3. Apply as a legal person, with a copy of the "Business License" or valid registration certificate; apply as a natural person with a copy of the personal ID card;
4. One copy of clear trademark drawing;

5. Fill in 1 copy of the application form, which must be signed by the applicant or by an agent
6. List the goods or services for which registration is sought, indicateTrademark Category, can be found from this website, trademark classification table.
7.trademark registrationPower of attorney, the applicant must sign and stamp the power of attorney.

Hong Kong TrademarkRegistration Query

Anyone can use it at any time.Government of Hong KongIntellectual PropertyThe Department's free search page http://ipsearch.ipd.gov.hk search for identical or similar registered Hong Kong trademarks and prior applications.
Before examining the application, the Trademark Registry will examine the application form and all attachments in detail to see if the required parts of the form have been completed, the relevant information is correct and the required information is incomplete. If everything is in order, the application process will move on to the next stage (the substantive examination stage).

2. Hong Kong Trademark Substantive Examination

After examining the deficiencies of the application and ascertaining that all information is available, the Trademark Registry will search the trademark records to determine whether other merchants have registered or applied to register the same or similar trademarks on the same or similar goods or services. The Trade Marks Registry will also check whether the mark in question complies with the registration requirements under the Trade Marks Ordinance.

If the application is approved, the application process will proceed to the next stage (the gazette stage).

Hong Kong Trademark Gazette Notice of 3.

Upon approval of the application by the Trade Marks Registry,Intellectual Property Rights in Hong KongThe bulletin announced that the trademark could be successfully registered for a period of three months if no one raised any objection.

4. Hong Kong Trademark Registration

Once an application for registration of a trade mark is approved, details of the trade mark will be entered in the register and a certificate of registration will be issued to the applicant. In addition, the Registrar of Trade Marks will publish the relevant registration notice in the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Gazette. The date of registration will be retroactive to the date of filing of the application, in other words, the rights of the owner of the registered trademark shall be counted from the date of filing of the application.