Benefits of copyright registration




Release time:2016-05-12

The benefits of copyright registration 1. The software copyright registration certificate is a legal document issued by the Computer Software Registration Office of the National Copyright Administration, and it is the preliminary certificate of the software copyright owner to the registered items.
2. certificates can help the holder to reduce the burden of proof in litigation.
After the 3. software copyright owner is approved for registration, the registered source program, document or sample may be submitted to the China Copyright Protection Center for sealing. In the event of a dispute, the applicant or the judicial authority shall unseal it and use it as important evidence.
4. According to the relevant provisions of the "Several Policies to Encourage the Development of the Software Industry and the Integrated Circuit Industry" issued by the State Council, the certificate can be used as a certificate for software copyright owners or software companies to apply for tax reduction or exemption. The State will also adopt a series of policies to give priority protection to registered software copyrights.
The software copyright registration announcement issued by the China Copyright Protection Center in 5. can provide help for software developers and software companies to inquire about software information, and provide information and assistance for combating software piracy, identifying and promoting the use of genuine software.