Trademark Registration in Singapore




Release time:2016-05-12

Singapore Trademark Law
Introduction to Singapore's Trademark Law in 1.
The Singapore Trademark Act was enacted in 1998 and has been in force since January 1999.
Singapore is a member of the WTO and joined WIPO in 1990.
Accession to the Paris Convention in 1995
Protocol of accession to the Madrid Agreement in 2000.
2. the Singapore Trademark System
1) The constituent elements of the trademark: words, letters, numbers, graphics or photos, badges, colors or color combinations, the shape of the container or outer packaging of goods cannot only be the shape of a certain function and the combination of the above elements.
Singapore also accepts non-visual trademarks such as sound, taste and smell trademarks.
2) Types include: commodity trademarks and service trademarks.
3) The subject, whether it is an individual, a partnership or a company, can apply for a registered trademark.
4) Duration of registered trademarks: The validity period of registered trademarks is 10 years from the date of application. If a registered trademark needs to continue to be used after the expiration of its validity period, it shall apply for renewal of the registration within 6 months before the expiration, and the validity period of each renewal of the registration shall be 10 years.
5) Trademark Registration Administration The Trademark Registry under the Intellectual Property Department of Singapore.
3. Singapore Trademark Registration Procedure
1) Inquiries about the trademark rights applied for registration should have distinctive features and should not conflict with the legal rights acquired by others earlier. Inquiries are an important first step, which will help avoid conflicts with others' earlier trademarks. Before applying for trademark registration, the applicant may consider searching the applied trademark to see if the same or similar trademark has been applied for or registered on the same or similar goods or services. Usually, the query results can be obtained within 3 working days.
2) The application must submit the specified documents and application, registration fee, the category and name of the goods or services using the trademark, and the trademark pattern.
The materials required for trademark application are as follows.
Name, address or country of registration of the applicant
2. Trademarks and products or services to be registered
3, priority documents, such as the application for priority registration.
4. If you intend to register a trademark with any literal meaning, you must attach a translation.
4. Review
Upon receipt of a registered trademark application, the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore will conduct a review to ensure that there is no conflict with the previously registered trademark.
Whether registration is permitted. If the application meets the criteria set out in the Trade Marks Ordinance and is not repeated or similar to a previous application, the application will enter the public notice stage.
5. Announcement
The relevant trademark application will be published in the trademark notice, and the opposing party may file an objection within two months of the announcement.
During the announcement period, a certificate of registration can be obtained if there is no objection from others.
During this objection period, any person may object to the registration of the trademark. The applicant may reply to the objection.
5. Registration
If the objection is not established or no objection is raised by either party, the relevant application for registration of the trademark will be approved for registration and the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore will issue a registration certificate.
6. guarantee validity period and renewal
The period of validity of a registered trademark is ten years from the date of application. You can apply for renewal before the expiration of the period of validity. Each renewal can be valid for another ten years.
Under normal circumstances, the period from the filing of an application for a Singapore trademark to the final review opinion is about 4-6 months.