Syrian patent application




Release time:2016-05-31

Syrian law recognizes and encourages the transfer of intellectual property rights, including trademark ownership. In 1924, Syria acceded to the Paris Convention No. 1883 on Industrial Intellectual Property.


1. legal basis

The registration of trademark and patent licenses is governed by Decree No. 47 adopted in 1946. However, due to the outdated and imperfect content of the Act, it is often difficult to adapt to today's complex market environment. In Syria, the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade (hereinafter referred to as IPD) is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the law on the registration of trademarks and patent licenses.


Actual condition of 2.

In order to protect intellectual and industrial property rights, Syria strongly requires foreign enterprises and traders to register their trademarks and patent rights before their goods enter Syria. Both Syrians and foreigners can apply for a registered patent or trademark. However, foreigners interested in registering intellectual property rights should appoint an agent in Syria to apply.


3. patent

The applicant or an authorized institution (which must be a Syrian local) must apply for a patent in IPD. The application (in Arabic) must be accompanied by the following documents:

1, power of attorney (if applied through an agent);

2. Technical description of the invention. It can be in French or English, but preferably translated into Arabic.

3. Drawings, blueprints and other materials necessary to understand the invention.

4. The application shall include the name of the inventor, the name and address of the applicant or the applicant institution.

The applicant should indicate whether the patent has been registered in other countries.

6. The applicant should state the validity of the patent to be applied for: 5 years, 10 years or 15 years.

The applicant must pay the registration fee for the first year, otherwise the application will not be accepted.

Upon receipt of the above documents, IDP will first review the patent in format and substance to ensure that the patent is indeed related to the technical solution and its feasibility. The IDP then issues a certificate of registration to the applicant and publishes it in the official gazette. However, this proof does not guarantee the validity, value or novelty of the invention, or the correctness of its description.


During the term of patent protection, an annual registration fee is paid at the beginning of each year. In Syria, authorized patents can be transferred, and the transfer contract must be in writing and registered with the IDP within three months. The law does not provide for the assignment clause of the assignment contract.

If the patent holder does not implement the patent within two years of registration, he will lose the patent. However, if the holder can prove that it has made a direct offer to a third party who can use the patent, and if they do not refuse any reasonable license application without reasonable reason, the patent holder will still own the patent.