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The Republic of the Marshall Islands is an island country located in the central Pacific Ocean, about 3200 kilometers southwest of Hawaii and about 4500 kilometers southeast of Shanghai, China, with a land area of 181.3 square kilometers. The population is about 62000 people. Adjacent to it by sea are Wake Island in the north, Nauru in the south, the Federated States of Micronesia in the west, and Kiribati in the southeast.

The Marshall Islands has been occupied by Spain, Germany, Japan, and the United States in history. Its predecessor was one of the four political entities in the Pacific Island trust area entrusted by the United States. During the period of US trusteeship, the United States conducted 67 nuclear tests in the country, 23 of which were conducted in the country's Bikini Atoll, causing serious cancer, leukemia and other diseases among the residents of the country. There is a territorial dispute with the United States over Wake Island.


External relations

The Marshall Islands has established formal diplomatic relations with 73 countries (regions) around the world. The United States, Japan, and Taiwan have embassies in the Marshall Islands. The Philippines, Israel, and Turkey have honorary consuls in the Marshall Islands. Japan, Fiji, and Taiwan have set up embassies.

If overseas Marshall Islands citizens need emergency assistance in areas where there is no embassy, they can ask the local U.S. embassy for assistance. The U.S. embassy should provide Marshallese citizens with the same treatment as U.S. citizens.

Malaysia actively seeks to develop relations with Asian countries and carry out friendly cooperation on an equal and mutually beneficial basis, with a view to driving and promoting the development of its own economy.


Relations with China

On November 16, 1990, the Marshall Islands established diplomatic relations with China. In February 1991, China established an embassy in Malaysia and sent an ambassador to Malaysia in July. March 13-21: President of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Amata Cabua, pays a state visit to China. October 6: A high-level delegation of the Republic of the Marshall Islands headed by Speaker Kosai Nott began a week-long friendly visit to China. October 10: A memorandum on education cooperation between the the People's Republic of China National Education Commission and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of the Marshall Islands was signed in Beijing. In February 1992, the Marshallese Embassy in China and sent a resident ambassador. May 16-18: President of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Amata Cabua, pays an informal visit to China. On the 17th, the Chinese and Malaysian governments signed a civil air transport agreement in Beijing. On the 18th, the Marshall Islands Embassy in China officially opened in Beijing. July 29-31: Vice Chairman Peng Chong led a Chinese NPC delegation to visit the Republic of the Marshall Islands. In August 1993, Chinese State Councilor and Secretary-General of the State Council Luo Gan visited Malaysia. October 29: A joint communique between the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Kingdom of Thailand on the establishment of diplomatic relations is signed in Beijing. Thailand is the 50th country to establish foreign relations with the Marshall Islands. In October 1994, the Minister of Justice of the Marshall Islands, Luckner Abner, and his party visited China. State Councilor and Secretary-General of the State Council Luo Gan met with Abner and his party. Deputy Minister Bai Jingfu of the Ministry of Public Security and Minister Abner signed the "Law Enforcement Cooperation Agreement between the Ministry of Public Security of China and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of the Marshall Islands" on behalf of the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. In April 1995, President Kabua visited China. In November, Assistant Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Yang Wensheng was invited to visit Malaysia. Speaker Kessai Note visits China. In September 1996, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing, who was attending the 27th South Pacific Forum in Majuro, met with President Kabua and formally signed the "China-Malaysia Trade Agreement" with the Malaysian government on behalf of the Chinese government ". During the conference, China sent an acrobatic team to Malaysia for a visit performance. In October, Wang Hanbin, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, was invited to pay an official friendly visit to Malaysia. In 1998, China-Malaysia relations reversed. On November 20, the Marshall Islands and Taiwan signed a communiqué on the establishment of "diplomatic relations", announcing the establishment of "diplomatic relations" between Malaysia and Taiwan ". On December 11, China announced the suspension of diplomatic relations with the Marshall Islands, withdrawing its ambassador and withdrawing its embassy. In July 1999, Speaker Kessai Note visited China. In 2000, the total volume of imports and exports between China and the Marshall Islands was US $1.876 million, of which China exported US $1.144 million. Ma has two international students in China. On May 19, 2003, the 56th World Health Assembly made a decision by the chairman's ruling, rejecting the so-called "inviting Taiwan to participate in the World Health Assembly as an observer" proposed by the Marshall Islands and other countries. This is the seventh time that the World Health Assembly has rejected a Taiwan-related proposal. On September 23, 2004, the Taiwan authorities joined the trust fund signed between the Marshall Islands and the United States to assist the country in a total of US $40 million (about NT $1.35 billion) over 20 years. On December 17, the President of the Marshall Islands visited Taiwan, China. May 1-2, 2005, China Taiwan "President" Chen Shui-bian visited Malaysia. On October 11-14, 2007, Taiwan's Chen Shui-bian visited the Marshall Islands and promised to provide a set of solar system equipment worth US $3 million to the Marshall Islands. On January 29-30, 2008, Annette Lu, the "Vice President" of the Taiwan authorities, visited Marshall. President Tomayin said that he would continue to consolidate bilateral relations.