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Release time:2018-07-19


2017The Malay trip in 2008 is still fresh in my memory and memorable.


2018The trip to Inner Mongolia in 2005 seemed to have just had a grassland dream. Although I had awakened from the dream, I could not forget it for a long time. Therefore, I shared the books and pictures with the readers.

The beauty of Inner Mongolia is like a blind man touching an elephant if he does not come to the dream in person. Even if he comes to the dream in person, it is difficult to say that the dream of the dream is related to others. There are thoughts inside and silence outside. There are too many things that are difficult to describe and are left for years to ponder.

When it comes to Inner Mongolia, people often think of the endless prairie first. However, the first stop of the dream journey is the desert!


On the way to the desert by car, I watched the vegetation passing by becoming more and more sparse, the surface desertification became more and more serious, the companions became quiet, and the atmosphere in the car became more and more depressing.

1971In, the famous Neolithic Hongshan cultural marker "the first dragon of China" was unearthed here, so it was named Yulongsha Lake. The sand dunes of Yulongsha Lake are tall and steep, and there are many boulders scattered in piles. There are also intermittent mountains, boulders at the heights, vast heaven and earth, clouds gathering, wind and rain falling, so they are in a hurry.

The second stop of the dream journey is finally the grassland!

On the way to the grassland by car, looking at the scenery along the way, the companions were all excited. They shouted to get off the bus with you and him, which made the driver and the tour guide feel helpless and had to give in. Therefore, before the car stopped, the companions rushed out of the door and had a good time on the grass! Maybe this is the grassland we imagine.微信图片_20180718112507

After getting on the bus, both the master and the tour guide said impatiently that this is not a grassland, and the grassland has not yet arrived. The car finally quieted down, perhaps the companions are imagining the grassland, full of expectation!

Along the way, the feeling of looking forward to seeing the beautiful scenery of the grassland is like expecting good things to happen, and the accumulated happiness is waiting to be released.

At noon, I finally arrived at Ulan Butong grassland. However, the schedule was temporarily changed and I went to the herdsman's home to experience the herdsman's life.微信图片_20180718135954

Here, you can move freely, put on Mongolian costumes, drink milk tea, walk freely on the grass, or find a high place just sit quietly, imagine yourself living a herdsman's life, free from the world, leisurely, carefree, this kind of life is full of poetry.微信图片_20180718140035

The companions all cherish the time here, take pictures one after another, fix the time and make specimens to witness the charming scenery.


On the way back from the herdsman's home to the bus, I couldn't help asking myself, how many grasses are there in Inner Mongolia? Of course, there is no answer to this question, but it is also the most charming place in Inner Mongolia. Grass in life scenes is very common. People are used to it and will not pay attention to thinking, but after you come here, you will re-recognize it from another perspective and angle.


After that, you can finally take a bus to the Wulan Butong grassland viewing area. Along the way, hills and plains are interlaced, and forests and grasslands are organically combined. Numerous films and TV dramas have been filmed in the Wulan Butong grassland, including the well-known "huanzhu gege", "Kangxi Dynasty", "biography of shooting heroes", "Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty" and "romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Arriving at the destination, companions' footsteps are either rapid or soothing. In a hurry, I can't wait to climb to the top quickly, enjoy the grassland scenery at a glance, and appreciate the magnificence of the grassland; soothing, I know that you need to pay attention to the scenery, and carefully appreciate the scenery when you take each step, stop and go.



After climbing to the top, due to the cold wind and the sudden drop in temperature, I stopped for a while and hurried down the mountain to return to my residence. After the car arrived at the hotel, the hotel held a ceremony to offer hada and wine to dismount. The ceremony was not over yet, and the rain came with hail. The ceremony had to be suspended. I felt a little sorry for missing the ceremony.


The beautiful scenery time is always short, know how to cherish, live up to the beautiful scenery and time, then worthwhile this trip.

Next, I watched the Mongolian characteristic roasted whole sheep opening ceremony at the hotel, and tasted the roasted whole sheep. The strong Mongolian ethnic style is impressive.702687320993681847

In the evening, night fell, the hotel held a bonfire party, interactive participation is very strong, the atmosphere is very warm, everyone is very happy to play.


The third stop of the dream tour, the Grand Canyon of Silamu.

The Silamu River, also known as Huangshui, is the cradle and birthplace of the northern nation. Mr. Su Bingqi, a master of Chinese archaeology, once said that if the Yellow River is the mother river of the Chinese nation, then Silamu is our grandmother river. The famous Hongshan Culture, Grassland Bronze Culture, Liao Qidan Culture and Mongolian Yuan Culture were born on the shore of Huangshui. There was a poem that said, "After the sunrise of Hongshan, Longxing Huangshui Water".

In the Grand Canyon of Silamulun, vegetation grows along the river, people live along the river, and the junction of green planting zone and sandy zone is obvious. Silamulun River is described as the grandmother river very aptly.


Due to the long distance, large span and long-term ride, the tour guide kindly arranged for everyone to stay in the Keshiketeng Banner Hot Water Development Zone. The Keshiketeng Hot Water Hot Spring is famous for its rich spring water containing a variety of trace elements and is suitable for soaking in hot springs and recuperating the body. According to legend, more than 1,000 years ago, there was a monk named Gal Deng Laxi who was tired of walking in order to choose the address of the temple. After crossing a stream, people and horses were trapped in mud and water. I saw horses drinking heavily. Monks also wanted to drink with water. When they entered the water, they found that the stream was hot and hot. After drinking water, they felt refreshed and tired. The horse also recovered and was as strong as ever.

The fourth stop of the dream tour, Ulagai grassland!

Compared with the Wulanbutong grassland, the Wulagai grassland is more broad and beautiful. The movie "Wolf Totem" was filmed in the small town of Bingtuan here. The town is characterized by the Mongolian grassland town in the 1960 s. The style and features of the Cultural Revolution era are well preserved. Being in it, it seems that time goes back to that era. Many childhood objects reappear here and evoke memories that seem to have passed away.


After that, take the ferry to the Bulin Spring Scenic Area, where you can watch the wooden plank road, which winds its way on the grass to far away places, which is fascinating and beautiful.


In the evening, I took a bus to the educated youth town and checked in. The town is famous for its educated youth characteristics. When I was in it, time went back again.


The next day, I took a bus to Jiuqu Bay scenic spot, where I could choose to take an off-road vehicle to experience the pleasure of crossing the grassland in depth, or I could choose to ride to the top of the viewing platform. My companions argued for this for a long time, but in the end they did not reach a consensus, because each choice is a unique new experience, and there is no right or wrong.91598581825207209

Climb the observation deck, you can see the Wulagai River winding, like a silver hada set on the green earth, forming the wonders of Jiuqu Bay, Jiuqu Bay and Wulagai Lake, in the context of the grassland, as if nature to Inner Mongolia's love necklace, love.


This is the end of the dream. The beauty of Inner Mongolia is hard to say. For those who have not been to Inner Mongolia, I will suggest him to go, because I will praise him.

2018Goodbye, prairie; 2019Next year, hello.