Wayne's Intellectual Property Proposal at the 18th High-tech Fair: Innovative Enterprises Need to Maintain Intellectual Property Rights as Early as Possible


Author: Intellectual Property Department


Release time:2016-11-25

The 18th China International High-tech Trade Fair, the largest and most influential science and technology gluttonous feast in China, ended ceremoniously in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

Then the exhibition in addition to high-tech and high-tech! There are also intellectual property rights in the exhibition also seats. Exhibition Wayne said: "to help innovative enterprises to open up the road to intellectual property protection, so that intellectual property rights are protected is our purpose".


  Hu Chunhua, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, Visits the Intellectual Property Zone


State leaders have also repeatedly stressed in many meetings this year that "deepening reform and promoting innovation" will step up efforts to crack down on intellectual property infringement in legislation in the future, and the newly revised patent law has been implemented in October. Intellectual property protection has risen to the national level, and innovation and protection must be strengthened at the same time.



In the current manufacturing downturn, innovation is the best medicine to save the manufacturing industry, to help innovative enterprises plan and lay out intellectual property rights, and to assist enterprises in safeguarding intellectual property rights at home and abroad. The country is implementing the Belt and Road Initiative strategy, and many enterprises are gradually going abroad. When going to the world, intellectual property rights are seriously lagging behind. In recent years, domestic enterprises have been deeply involved in intellectual property lawsuits overseas, and domestic enterprises lack foresight in intellectual property protection, the lack of understanding of overseas intellectual property laws leads to the fact that once advanced technology goes abroad, it will be in the patent encirclement and suppression of foreign companies. The final result is heavy investment losses, death before the start of the division, and tears of heroes.

During the consultation period of the high-tech fair, many enterprises mainly focused on the domestic and international patent application process, time, and intellectual property rights protection gathered for consultation.