Entering the Campus Job Fair-Central South University Station


Author: Wayne Intellectual Property

Source: Wayne Intellectual Property

Release time:2017-11-13

November, Central South University2018The graduate supply and demand meeting was held in the research building of the school-based department of Central South University. Wayne International participated in the event as an employer. In order to meet the growing demand for business development, the company provided 10 posts and 30 places. As the intellectual property industry has continued to grow in recent years, the school has also stepped up publicity in the protection of intellectual property rights. Students pay high attention to the intellectual property industry, early in the morning, many students concentrated in front of the company's booth for consultation. The company's responsible personnel patiently and meticulously answered the students. The students had a deeper understanding of the company's scale and its own development direction.




The intellectual property industry has continued to develop in recent years. As a leader in foreign-related professions in the industry, in order to improve the company's professional level, the company has recently been in the country.985Colleges and universities recruit outstanding graduates to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and ensure the sustainable development of the company.????。