Jiang is still old and spicy-the company's technical director went to Beijing to hear invalid cases.


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Release time:2017-11-15

      2017Year 11In the middle of the month, Shenzhen was still as warm as early summer, but Beijing had already entered the heating season. Director Li Yuping of the company received a temporary entrustment from an important customer and needed to go to Beijing to deal with the invalidation of their company's core patents by competitors. Due to the hasty entrustment time and the large number of patent documents, the other party provided seven invalid comparison documents when they were invalid, which was short in time and had more patents to deal, at the age of teacher Li Yuping, the workload can be imagined by reading all the comparison documents and the customer's authorization documents in such a short period of time.

However, Director Li Yuping did not push off and said the most bold and unrestrained words:"This case, I think only I can follow!"Not satisfied

13In the early morning of the day, Director Li Yuping sat calmly in the position of the patentee, seemingly with a handful of bamboo in his chest.


The trial environment is still good!

The presiding officer cut his hair first, and the judge is serious!

Director Li and the client are together, just two people, it's okay, when I went to Beijing, the director and I said that one person can handle it, this kind of thing, I often see!!! See each other's lawyer below, also can't forget to tease each other's lawyer, young man, always a little scared, in front of you.


In fact, when the two armies meet, the brave wins!!!,In times of peace, when the two armies meet, the right wins! Kung fu does not live up to reasonable people!



I hope the result will be as you wish and as you wish!


(Because the client has not been consulted in advance, the company name and patent name of the client do not appear in this article)