What has Wayne International done? At the 20th hi-tech fair, so many enterprises can pursue it!


Author: Wayne International Intellectual Property

Source: Wayne International Intellectual Property

Release time:2018-11-20

The China International High-tech Trade Fair has been held for 20 consecutive sessions. This time it coincides with 40 years of reform and opening up. At the beginning of this year, the United States began to raise tariffs on China, up to more than 25%. Many domestic companies are exporting foreign trade. Experienced unprecedented pressure, export costs increased by 20%above,Therefore, many enterprises in this high-tech fair are most concerned about the trade war between China and the United States. Wayne International, as an international intellectual property professional organization, provides services at the high-tech fair in the international intellectual property layout and improving the ability of intellectual property risk prevention for enterprises. The author of this article picked up some pictures on the spot and witnessed the hot consultation scene at the high-tech fair!

      The five-day high-tech fair has 500,000 visitors and 30000 million exhibitors.Many companies, most of which are export-oriented high-tech companies, how to prevent intellectual property risks and how to face the impact of the Sino-US trade war on companies are the focus of the consultation on intellectual property rights of participating companies in this high-tech fair. With many years of experience in international intellectual property application layout, overseas intellectual property risks and rights protection, and judicial protection of intellectual property rights, Wayne International provides companies with intellectual property related knowledge consultation on the spot, highly praised by the organizers of the high-tech fair!