Floating south, meeting Vietnam


Author: Vivi

Source: Wayne International Intellectual Property

Release time:2019-06-27

"The world is so big/I 've only been to Southeast Asia./All yellow skin/All black hair ...... "Chen Li's song sings like this.

And when I unpacked, I still haven't been able to return to my mind. Looking at it before, when it comes to Vietnam, the impression still stays on the small piece of the map. What I think of is what is mentioned in the history book. It is the Vietnam War shot in "Forrest Gump", and it is an unpeaceful flying car party. I know nothing about Vietnam, but everything needs to be experienced by myself, because I have the deepest impression and the most personal experience.

On the first day, the Vietnam veil was lifted.

The car turned to the cruise ship and then to the plane, and I felt fresh and excited in a hurry. Arriving at the hotel in the afternoon, I finished the legendary Vietnamese dinner. When night fell, looking down from the floor-to-ceiling window of the hotel, the tipsy light made Vietnam inexplicably give birth to a good sense of beauty.

The next day, clear the outline of Vietnam.

When I got up in the morning, I tasted the breakfast buffet in the hotel. It was abnormally rich, which may be the reason why it was close to China. The food culture was not much different. Although the food didn't surprise me, it was a bit full of stomach. After breakfast, I packed my bags, Black Island, First Island, Bird's Nest Island and East Silkworm Island. Sitting in a speedboat, dominating the sea, the speed is very fast, and it is also very exciting, just like leaving all the troubles and anxiety behind, nothing can catch up with me. Diving can be done on the island, but I didn't try it. People in the same trade said that diving is fun, but I don't know how to swim, so I am very helpless. I think the biggest advantage in Vietnam is that you don't need to add filters to take photos. The blue sky and the sea are almost integrated, and every shot is a big movie.

Different from China, Vietnam is colorful in both architecture and gardening. Vietnam's second impression is colorful.

Tossing in various tourist attractions, blue sky and white clouds, clear sea water endless, golden beach, stretching for a long time. Men and women, old and young, ring fat swallow thin. Most of the children are black and thin. The adults are busy with their livelihoods. The sun is high. In my leisure time, looking at them, I can see a sense of busyness. Compared with the children in China, they seem to have a harder life. But who can say, this is not a kind of happiness? Watching them busy, my heart seems to be quiet down. On the long beach, there are many people coming and going. People swim by the sea, bask in the sun, blow the sea breeze, and sit on the beach chair to see from a distance. It can't be more comfortable.



On the third day, touch the Vietnamese texture.

In the early morning, I rushed to the seaside in a dim sleep and watched a special sunrise on the sea. The sun rose little by little from the sea level. The light penetrated the darkness and the world was bright. There was really a sense of magnificence in the night of the sea. The sun, moon and stars, rivers, lakes and seas, the sky was blue and the earth was clean. Human beings were really small. The people around me screamed and took photos and videos. I watched the sunrise quietly. I was lucky once in my lifetime.

Vietnam is a country with national characteristics. On that day, we visited the places of interest in Vietnam, the Temple of the Goddess of Tianyi, the site of Zhanpo, and Wuzhiyan. I felt the scenery and folk customs again and again, and was shocked by the historical and cultural accumulation of Vietnam. I visited Vietnam's special snacks, saw Vietnam's striped texture in Vietnam's special rice noodles, and tasted Vietnam's local conditions and customs from the dense aroma while waiting for a pot of coffee. Watching a song and dance performance in Annan Cultural Village once again gave me an alternative experience. Sweet tropical fruit, let lips and teeth linger. But for three days, I was really tanned, almost oily every day. Dinner is a Vietnamese special meal. After eating, I went to the bar for a walk. At the end of the day, I have walked through many places and eaten a lot. I am filled with tiredness, but my stomach is full of happiness.

On the fourth day, taste the Vietnamese style.

The day before, I walked all over the world. On this day, I slept in the dark. At noon, Yan always took us to have a "luxury seafood dinner". The high price is equivalent to three months' salary of an ordinary college student. The taste is very good. For those who love seafood, Vietnam is indeed a good place. In the evening, I went to the night market with my friends, but I wish I could have found this good place earlier.

On the fifth day, back. As usual, it was a little more than a little more time to go home, wash and lie in bed, but it was still not very real.

Tired is indeed tired, but happy, happy in the natural scenery: clear sky and sea, seems to let the heart calm down; Happy in the heart relaxation: in the wind to release oneself, body and mind are walking and experience gradually relaxed. The process of travel is the process of searching, the process of relaxation and the process of experience. 2019, lucky enough to go to the equator, looking for Vietnam, lucky enough to float to the south, encounter Vietnam.

As written above, I did have a good time, and it was very pleasant. I ate, ate and wandered all the way, relaxing my soul and body, but I still have to go into the world. Then we will see you next year.