Two experts from Wayne were selected as the first batch of overseas intellectual property rights protection assistance experts in Shenzhen




Release time:2022-01-14

 2020Year11Month2On the 15th, the China (Shenzhen) Intellectual Property Protection Center issued a notice announcing the list of the first batch of overseas intellectual property rights protection assistance experts. Our company Huang Changping and Li Huashuang2Patent agents were selected.

The China (Shenzhen) Intellectual Property Protection Center (hereinafter referred to as the Intellectual Property Protection Center) has launched the collection and selection of Shenzhen's overseas intellectual property rights protection assistance expert database, aiming to gather the intellectual resources of Shenzhen talents and improve the professional service ability and use efficiency of talentsGive full play to the role of experts as "think tanks" to escort Shenzhen's overseas intellectual property protection; use expert intellectual support to track and analyze the latest development trends of intellectual property at home and abroad in a timely manner; study the frontier issues of domestic and foreign intellectual property rights that are closely related to the economic and social development of Shenzhen Work practices to provide intellectual support for the industrial development of Shenzhen.


Wayne International IP has been focusing on overseas IP. He has accumulated rich experience in the application authorization, confirmation and protection of rights for overseas patents and trademarks. From2014So far, the number of countries applying for authorization.150Multiple. Successful help many enterprises in the United States, the European Union, Germany and other patent, trademark, copyright protection.


    2019Year9In January, Wayne attended the 10th China Intellectual Property Annual Conference: Intellectual Property and the Times, and in9/3Day9:00~10:00 In the main venue403The room held a theme forum for foreign trade enterprises: cases of intellectual property disputes on cross-border e-commerce platforms in Europe and the United States and their coping strategies.


In the process of safeguarding intellectual property rights overseas, we deeply feel that we have a great responsibility. A move may give enterprises to recover millions, tens of millions of losses, may also bring hundreds of millions of market space. At the same time, overseas policies are constantly changing, and we need to keep up with the pace of the times.