The impact of Brexit on intellectual property rights in the EU




Release time:2021-04-01

2020Year 1February24.PingAnnNight Day,With the European CommissionofAnnounced,A hard Brexit has become a reality.GoType, EnglishEuTradeEasyAgreement formally reached,Brexit makes a soft landing.Since then,England and itsMostBig trade partner EUtoand countriesOffDepartment into a new era.


In the field of intellectual property, we will open a new chapter?


2021YearOn January 1,United KingdomKnowThe Intellectual Property Act will be amended,toEnsure a smooth exit from the EU.Knowledgeproperty right system.MainModify see link


What are the implications for us? Summarized as follows:

1European SpecializedLeigh: European Patent Office (38 OneintoMember country) is notEuUnion (after Brexit  27 Oneintomember country)GroupWeaving, not under the jurisdiction of the EU,Britain's departure from the EU does not affect the European patent system.There areImpact.Therefore,Brexit andNo.It affected Britain.ForEurope Patent Membership,Britain is stillInEuropean Patent Convention"Medium.byto,Applicants can still passoverto the European PatentBureauSubmit an application and obtain patent rights protection in the UK after authorization.


2,EU BusinessStandardEUTM)andEU Appearance DesignRCD):

In 2021 Year 1 Month 1 DayBeforeRegistered EU trademarks and grantsRightThe appearance will continue to have in the UKeffect. England knows.Knowledgeproperty rightBureau (UKIPO)Transforming the rights of these EU appearances and trademarksintocorresponding British rights.

Right in 2021 Year 1 Month 1 DayBeforeApply for but not authorized EuropeLeaguetrademark or EU appearance application,ShenPlease enjoyFromNine months from the end of the transition period to submit the phase to the UK Intellectual Property Office.ShouldThe right to apply,At the same time mustMustPay for EnglandMerchantThe same official fee is applied for by the standard or British appearance.


3, designated EuropeLeagueThe International Application

during the transition periodInside2020 Year 2 Month 1 Day 2020 Year 12 Month 31 Day),PassoverDesignated EuropeJointLeague of MadridandThe HagueThe international registration of trademarks and designs protected by the system will continue to expand.ToEngland.

Under the terms of the Brexit Agreement, before the end of the transition period, there areEuRights to Union Trademarks and AppearancesWillIn 2020 Year 12 Month31 day (pastFerryafter the end of the period) continue to be subjectto protection.UKIPO WillFollowingContinued with the world knowIntellectual Property OrganizationWIPO)Cooperation to ensure the continuity of rights and protection mechanisms.


4, Renewal:

If the EU trademark,Appearance renewal due date is earlier 2021 Year 1 Month 1 Day,Then only need to EuropeLeagueRenewal of Rights,No needTo be renewed for new British rights.

If an EU trademark or appearance renewal expiration date is 2021 Year 1 Month 1 Day and after,ThenMustTo EUIPO and UKIPOpay the renewal fee separately (even in 2021 Year 1 Month 1 Recently.Paymentrenewal fee).


After that, if you want to continue to maintain the rights of the EU and the UK,Thento the EU and the UK respectivelyContinuedexhibition.


For EU appearance and EU trademark owners, this is another need.ToMonitoring and attention to matters.



1Outside the UKViewRetrieval

EU Authorized Appearance 1 Month1 DayAutomatically generate a clone in the UKofRight.

European Union 005832391-0001 Right.ShouldThe appearance number of the UK is 9005832910001,and telephone dialNo.Same, before.FacePlus 9,and then“-”No.With input.

For UK rights protection, you need to retrieve and download the UK registration certificate, Europe.LeagueThe registration certificate will be invalid.

Current retrieval link:


2, British businessStandardRetrieval

If it is EUIPO Authorized by EuropeLeagueAdd before the trademark 009, ifYesEuropean Union trademark applied for in MadridBeforeNoodles 008.

Current retrieval link: