Thank you for working together-Wayne International 2020 Commendation Conference and 2021 Spring Festival Annual Meeting




Release time:2021-01-26

After several rounds of cold wave baptism, Shenzhen is gradually warming up, the peach blossom on the mountain has opened new petals, the earth is in spring, happy events are coming again and again, Wayne International 2020 Commendation Conference is coming as scheduled.


A person will walk very fast, but a group of people will go further. A person wants to be in"Dream" think, a group of people want to call ideal!


A person will go very fast, but a group of people will go further, a person's want in the "dream" think, a group of people want to call the ideal!



The second season of the Foreign Affairs Department's Tucao Conference presented classic famous sentences, and the young actors in the training camp performed perfectly. , but unfortunately in the back and marketing department of the program.PK came in second, making the little actor cry.



The little people dance performed by the customer service department this time is also very perfect. the song "daejeon queen son" brought by the small partners of the process department



Heavy pounds recommended The funny string-burning dance "Lucky Money and Treasure" performed by the marketing department, which aims to be the first, brings screams as soon as it appears, and it is different when you look at its momentum.




The following commendation link is also wonderful, please see





A year of good scenery, you must remember, snowflakes fall and peach blossoms bloom.



The three-hour party finally ended with a smile on everyone's face,2020 is an unforgettable year for us. Under the severe global epidemic situation, Wayne International can rise against the trend this year and complete the goals set at the beginning of the year. Thanks to the efforts of every colleague in the company, people together are parties, and hearts together are teams. In 2021, we are also ready!!!