Journey to the West-Aden Tour of Rice City in July 2020




Release time:2020-08-04

1. ChengduFlow account

I am in Chengdu and just got off the plane.Clouds, like rainThe rain is falling unintentionally

The sun returns, the sky is clearWide alleys, narrow alleys, bustlingPeople step on and squeeze

People's Park, Heming Tea HouseLeisure, playing card gamesClear water paddling, in high spirits

Laughter bursts, boat visitors restShady path, silver hair and handsLong and short, square, set each other off

The lights are on, and the night is stained.Green Woman and Red Man, Swire Chun-heeShaoiri River, Next day, Hyuga West

Old out of Shu, parting yiyi!


2. Daocheng AdenBroken Words

Step on the tail of July

I came to see you, not because I like it so much.

Just want to temporarily put the worry (work) forget

Fast-spinning tires rubbing against the road

One bend after another, as if it were endless.

Outside the car window, the mountains and mountains are dripping with green.

Yak herd, you are looking at it, it is also looking at you

Some people are excited, wow... Wow... Wow... beautiful

There are also people who have no feeling and beep in a low voice: the strategic trick

altitude sickness like a monster

Sounds horrible

Might as well take a few siffs of oxygen, it retreated

Just before going to sleep and return to torture you

Motion sickness is like a little ant, drilling around

I have nothing to do, dizzy, dizzy, wilted yummy

If it weren't for carsickness, I could conquer the world

I almost made such a bold statement.

Aden Village, Shangri-La Town, Daocheng County

The holy water of the sacred mountain, I choose to go to you in the short line.

Jinding White Wall Chonggu Temple

Stop and listen to the rain under the eaves of the red house

Ah, you can't escape the true fragrance theorem after all.

I'm walking along the long line at the fork.

The mountain is in the clouds, majestic

Gurgling water, like in a painting

The horses of the Luoru cattle farm are like mules and like donkeys.

I want to climb step by step

There are my footprints on the blue stone steps

The rain was heavier at 1.1 o'clock.

Mixed with the smell of horse manure, it is sour and refreshing.

A pool of green lake water, a few white waterfalls

The top of the mountain, as if close at hand, white sand and sand pouring down

Passers-by said: It's still a few hours to go, it's windy and rainy.

No matter how beautiful the scenery is, I can't see it clearly.

I met a passer-by again, and what I said was not bad.

If encounteredFanny, I guess she will say come on, don't give up

I might have come back to life and climbed a few more of his steps.

The rain is getting heavier and the feet are immersed in the shoe boat.

'A sense of weight' made me turn back halfway.

I don't like mountain climbing.

However, it has already installed the scenery along the way. The edge is not a passer-by, not you.

Others can be ridiculed, but in their own unrepentant, enough

It's hard to go down the mountain, but it's hard to get carsick around the mountain road.

Finally, take the bus, go back to the hotel, have dinner, and be at ease.

Sister Zhu (Tour Guide)

Rising up said: It's always those few people who are late and delay, whining

I asked carefully: I said we (I andvivi)?

Her laughter was hearty: no you, no you

On the second day, I was late.

In a hurry ladle mouth:viviBring the gas tank (oxygen bottle)! Get down there.

In a panic, sister Zhu lightly chastised and said, "why are you and you always (???)

Finally, no longer chasing stars to catch the moon

The children jumped for joy, pulled me and dressed me in new Tibetan clothes.

You chase me, I chase you

Panting, not afraid, breathing oxygen

The source of adult happiness, childlike innocence

Sunset, bridge head straight

Cangshan like the sea, sparkling water

The afterglow plated the mountains and seas with gold, but the clouds were burned red.

The bonfire raging, waiting for the next encounter