What did the Sino-US agreement sign?




Release time:2020-08-04

  • 1Strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights is the need of China's economic innovation and development. The content of both parties in the field of intellectual property rights is generally balanced.

  • 2Further improving the technology transfer system is fully in line with the direction of China's reform and opening up. The two sides have equal rights and obligations in technology transfer.

  • 3Increasing Sino-US agricultural cooperation is conducive to meeting China's consumer demand, promoting agricultural supply-side structural reform and improving the quality of agricultural development.

  • 4The two sides reached an equal and mutually beneficial consensus on the exchange rate issue, and the relevant contents of the agreement are by no means a replica of the Plaza Agreement.

  • 5The tariff retreat is in line with the expectations of the first phase of negotiations and has taken the initiative for the next step of negotiations.



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