Russian trademark registration




Release time:2016-05-12

NoteBookRussiaWhat are the conditions for a trademark?

The conditions for registering a trademark are very simple. You can register in the name of an enterprise to provide a business license; you can register in the name of an individual to provide an individual industrial and commercial household license and the registrant's personal ID card.

1. Russian Trademark Applicant Qualification

Legal persons or natural persons engaged in commercial activities


2. application route:
Registration can be applied directly to the country or through Madrid.


3. the documents required to apply for a Russian trademark


Name, address, list of goods or services of the applicant;

Trademarks and their descriptions;

Proof of payment of fees;

To apply for the registration of a collective trademark, it is also necessary to submit the rules for the use of the collective trademark. This rule can be submitted within 2 months from the date of receipt of the application by the Intellectual Property Office.


4. registered Russian trademark:

Constituent elements of a registrable trademark

Trademark elements: words, numbers, three-dimensional graphics and their combinations; trademarks can be registered in any color or combination of colors.

Constituent elements of a non-registrable trademark

1. It does not have distinguishing capacity or consists only of the following elements:

(1) The common name of a commodity;

(2) Common symbols and terms;

(3) Indicates the type, quantity, nature, use, value, place and time of production or sale of the commodity;

(4) Goods that are only or mainly determined by the functional characteristics of the goods.

In the case of non-essential parts, the above elements may be present in the trademark as non-protected components of the trademark.

Symbols for which significance has been obtained by use are not limited to the above.

2. In accordance with international treaties to which Russia is a party, containing only emblems, flags or other symbols of States, full or abbreviated names, emblems, flags or other symbols of international intergovernmental organizations, controlling or guaranteeing official symbols, seals, medals and other distinctive symbols and their confusing approximations (with the consent of the competent authorities, may be used as non-protective elements of a trademark);

3. Symbols not registrable as trademarks or elements thereof:

misleading or sufficient to confuse consumers with the goods or their producers; contrary to the public interest, the main principles of humanity or morality;

4. Symbols (other than owners or authorized persons) that are identical or similar to the name or image of things of traditional value in the culture of the Russian Federation or the world;

5. Designation of origin of wines or alcoholic beverages protected by international treaties of the Russian Canker.