Italian trademark registration




Release time:2016-05-12

Italian trademarkFeatures

1. Trademarks may be patterns, characters, numbers, or various combinations of the above.
2. Individuals or legal persons/bodies can apply.trademark registration.
3,Italian trademark registrationThe period of validity is ten years and no additional fees are required during the period.


Italian trademark registrationProcedure

1.Registered Italian trademarkRequired Materials

Registrant's ID card, 3 written applications for registration, 5 application forms for registration, 17 trademark patterns, 6 stamp duties (10.33 euros/sheet), and 2 photocopies of handling fee remittance;


2. handlingRegistered Italian trademarkProcedure

1), remit 4 euros to the Rome Trade and Industry Bureau to apply for trademark registration re-name inquiry, if there is no re-name can apply.Italian trademarkRegistration;
2) Fill in the application form for registering Italian trademarks and apply for Italian trademarks in writing;
3), the application for Italian trademark registration fee of 80 euros to the Rome trademark registration office, each additional registration of a class of trademarks increased by 30 euros. Remittance of 15 euros for the use of trademark rights to the Rome Industrial and Commercial Bureau;
4) Submit all the above materials to the Patent and Trademark Registration Office of the Roman Trade and Industry Bureau, and the Italian trademark can be registered on the same day;


Provisions of the 3. Trade Marks Registration Ordinance:

According to Italy's Trademark Registration Regulation 89/104/CEE promulgated in 1988, the trademark has a useful life of 10 years from the date of registration and can be applied for 10 years after 10 years;


4. Italy Trademark Registration Validity Period:

Trademark registration shall be valid for 10 years without additional fees, starting from the date of application.


5. Italy trademark registration acceptance time:

The time for the trademark registry to issue the "acceptance notice" is about 30 working days, and the applicant can use the "TM" after obtaining the "acceptance notice". The time for obtaining the "registration certificate" is about 24 months in Italy, and the applicant can use the "R" after obtaining the "registration certificate. The applicant shall, from the date of application, obtain the right to sue and make other claims in the event of any infringement discovered during this period.