Patent Application in Taiwan




Release time:2016-05-12

If you want to get the protection of intellectual property rights in Taiwan, you must independently apply for a patent application to the Taiwan Smart Property Bureau, and after its examination, you will be able to obtain patent protection in its region.
1. Types of Taiwan patents:
Invention patent, protection period of 20 years (application time: about 2 years);
New type patent with a protection period of 10 years (application time: 6-9 months);
The new model patent has a protection period of 10 years (application time: 6-9 months).
2. Documents to be prepared when applying:
The letter of appointment and affidavit signed by the applicant;
Name and address of the applicant and inventor in both Chinese and English;
The rest of the information is roughly the same as the materials required to apply for Chinese design patents, utility model patents and invention patents.