Egyptian patent application




Release time:2016-05-31

Egypt is a signatory to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Intellectual Property and the Madrid Agreement concerning the Registration of International Marks. In addition, Egypt is a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization. Give adequate protection to registered intellectual property holders.


The patent law of Egypt stipulates that a patent application shall be novel before the date of filing or priority date of the patent application, that is, the application shall be filed before the technology or method has not been known, published and used worldwide. The Patent Office receives patents that have been newly published worldwide and stipulates that when examining the patent, it should have absolute novelty.

It generally takes about three years for a patent application to be granted from the date of filing the application. From the date of filing of the patent application, the applicant must pay an annual patent fee every year even before the grant of the patent. However, under the current patent law, the payment of an annual patent fee has a grace period of one year from the date of payment, subject to a delay penalty.

Egypt recently drafted a new patent law. The law, if approved, would extend patent protection to 20 years and extend the definition of an "invention" protected by law. Unlike the current patent law, the draft requires a substantive examination of a patent application before a patent is granted. The draft law also provides that, in addition to the patent holder, anyone who makes adjustments, improvements or additions to the patented invention has the right to apply for and obtain an independent patent.