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Release time:2016-05-31


Tuvalu (English: Tuvalu, formerly known as the "Ellis Islands", also known as the "Lagoon Islands") is located in the South Pacific. It is composed of 9 annular coral islands and has a land area of about 26 square kilometers. It is second only to Nauru. The second small island country in the world is also the fourth smallest country in the world (only higher than the Vatican, Monaco and Nauru).

"Tuvalu" means "group of eight islands" in Polynesian ". Tuvalu is up to 4.5 metres above sea level. Due to the extremely low terrain, rising temperatures and sea levels are seriously threatening Tuvalu, making the country face the danger of sinking into the seabed. Tuvalu is short of resources, barren land, only a few plants can grow, and almost no natural resources. It is one of the world's least developed countries (least developed countries) announced by the United Nations.


Foreign Policy

It pursues a policy of friendly cooperation with all countries and has deep relations with Britain and Australia. It has a close relationship with Fiji and has a High Commissioner's Office in Fiji, which is the only permanent diplomatic presence abroad. Tu has diplomatic relations with Commonwealth member states and Belgium, Chile, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, etc.


External relations

Relations with China

China has no diplomatic relations with Tuvalu. During the "Cold War", Tuvalu implemented a cold war policy. Tuvalu established so-called "diplomatic relations" with the Taiwan authorities in 1979 ". After the end of the cold war has been relaxed, after 2008, the two sides have not much contact.

In June 1988, Prime Minister Puapua visited China with leaders of South Pacific island countries, and Premier Li Peng met with him. In March 1997, the Red Cross Society of China donated 10000 US dollars to the map. In 1998, the bilateral trade volume between China and Tuvalu was 81000 US dollars, all of which were our exports and no imports. In 2000 and 2001, China Map bilateral trade was zero. In 2007, the bilateral trade volume of China Map was 6.7 million US dollars, with our exports of 6.64 million US dollars and imports of 40000 US dollars.


Relations with international organizations

The international organizations to which the map participates include ESCAP, the Pacific Islands Forum, the Pacific Community, the Universal Postal Union, the Asian Development Bank and UNESCO, as well as special members of the Commonwealth. He joined the United Nations in September 2000.