What is the approval procedure for confidential patent applications?




Release time:2016-08-22

 The confidential examiner makes a confidential mark on the patent application file that is determined to be confidential, establishes a confidential file location status card, processes it in the computer system, and manages the patent application before making a decision to decrypt it.

Both the preliminary examination and substantive examination of confidential patent applications are conducted by examiners designated by the Patent Office of the State Intellectual Property Office. The preliminary examination shall be conducted on the same basis as the general invention patent application. The confidential patent application that has passed the preliminary examination shall not be published. If the substantive examination request has been made and the substantive examination fee has been paid, the substantive examination procedure shall be directly entered.

Substantive examination is conducted on the same basis as general invention patent applications. If no reason for rejection is found after substantive examination, the applicant shall be notified of the grant of the patent right, and the confidential examiner shall notify the applicant to go through the formalities for the registration of the patent right.

The authorization announcement of confidential patent application only publishes the patent classification number, patent number, patent application date and authorization announcement date.