Patent barrier does not remove millet foraging in Asia, Africa and Latin America




Release time:2016-05-09


Xiaomi has sold nearly 60 million mobile phones in China. Four years after its establishment, Xiaomi began to plan overseas market expansion. Xiaomi's international road was announced in July this year and launched the pre-sale of the Indian market on July 15. Industry insiders pointed out that Xiaomi had previously poached Hugo Barra, vice president of Android product management from Google. According to reports, the Indian market is ideal for expansion, but experts pointed out that patents will become the main barrier for Xiaomi's international operation, hindering the company from entering the most profitable European and American markets.

According to reports, in April 2013, Xiaomi Company landed in Taiwan and Hong Kong respectively; in 2014, Xiaomi Company has successively entered Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and India. Singapore has become the first stop of Xiaomi's internationalization. Red rice landed in Lion City in February this year, and Xiaomi 3 was also launched in Singapore in March. It is said that the scene was so hot that mobile phones were sold out within a few minutes.

According to the plan, Xiaomi will land in ten countries this year, namely Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, Brazil and Mexico. It can be seen that Xiaomi is copying Huawei's model of encircling the city from the countryside, that is, the model of avoiding patent barriers to fight guerrillas.

The patent problem is also a common problem faced by domestic brands when expanding overseas. In order to expand the smartphone market, Lenovo acquired Motorola phones, which Google eliminated core patents, and basically pieced together a patent shield in quantity. Huawei's in the United StatesPatent LayoutIt has also been progressing for many years, and there is some room to move. Millet gap is obvious. In terms of Chinese patent applications, Huawei currently has 71903 patents, ZTE has 55728 patents, while Xiaomi has only 1141 patents.