Notice of Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Office on Issuing Guidelines for Project Application of Special Funds for Provincial Intellectual Property Work in 2017




Release time:2016-08-22

Yue Zhi Gui [2016] No. 168

Intellectual Property Offices at or above the local level, Shunde District Intellectual Property Office, relevant provincial departments, relevant units:
According to the relevant requirements of the "Guangdong Provincial Financial Special Fund Management Measures", "Guangdong Provincial Financial Fund Project Bank Management Measures", "Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Work Special Fund Management Measures" and "Guangdong Provincial Patent Application Funding and Reward Special Fund Management Measures", the Provincial Intellectual Property Office has formulated the 2017 Provincial Intellectual Property Work Special Fund Project Bank Project Application Guidelines, which are hereby issued to you, and the relevant application matters are notified as follows:
1. declaration method
The applicant shall submit the application materials to the business offices of the provincial intellectual property bureau in paper and electronic form according to the requirements of each project guide (see the project guide in the annex for details).
2. declaration requirements
In principle, (I) applicants should be scientific research institutions, universities, administrative agencies, enterprises, institutions, and industry organizations registered in Guangdong Province, and should have independent legal personality. If there are other requirements in the specific project declaration guidelines, they must be followed together.
(II) project declaration materials. The applicant shall fill in the application materials in the prescribed format in accordance with the requirements of the project application guidelines. The relevant attachments must be submitted at the same time when applying. Those who fail to submit in accordance with the regulations shall be deemed to be unqualified in the form review.
(III) application unit shall not be the same project content repeated declaration or multiple declaration of special funds.
The (IV) reporting unit shall be responsible for the authenticity, legality and feasibility of the reporting project and the reporting materials. If the reporting unit has the illegal act of falsely declaring or fraudulently obtaining special funds, it shall be dealt with seriously in accordance with the corresponding laws and regulations, recover the financial funds, stop its qualification to declare special funds within five years, and disclose its untrustworthy information to the public.
3. declaration procedure
(I) declaration. The unit applying for the use of special funds shall submit the declaration form and relevant materials in accordance with the requirements of the declaration guidelines for each project.
(II) audit recommendations. The intellectual property offices listed at or above the local level shall review and recommend the declared projects within the administrative jurisdiction in accordance with the requirements of the project declaration guidelines, and the units of the relevant departments directly under the province shall be reviewed by the competent departments and recommended to the provincial intellectual property office.
(III) project reviews. The Provincial Intellectual Property Office organizes experts to conduct qualification review and review of the declared projects, and is listed in the 2017 Provincial Intellectual Property Work Special Fund Project Database according to the review results.
4. declaration time
The deadline for declaration is 17:00 on September 9, 2016.

Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Office
August 19, 2016