The European Special Office and the Latin and Malaysian offices to carry out patent application search cooperation.




Release time:2016-10-19

The European Patent Office recently signed a cooperation agreement with the Latvian and Maltese intellectual property authorities, namely the Latvian Patent Office and the Maltese Bureau of Economy, Investment and Small Business, respectively, with the aim of improving the existing environment for SMEs in both countries to protect their inventions and innovations through patents.
According to the cooperation agreement, the European Patent Office will, on behalf of the patent authorities of the two countries, undertake the search work on the domestic patent applications accepted by them and deliver the search results to the applicants at a more favorable price. The preferential measures are expected to allow small and medium-sized enterprises, universities and inventors who submit domestic patent applications to enjoy up75% discount on retrieval fees. At the same time, the resulting high-quality search is essential for the applicant, which can be used to file a European patent application. According to the proposal adopted by the European Patent Organization's Council of Administration in December 2015, the European Patent Office can, within the framework of its cooperation policy with the European Patent Organization's member states, provide access concessions of up to 75 per cent to member states that meet the conditions for support. So far, in addition to Latvia and Malta, the European Bureau has signed similar agreements with Cyprus, Lithuania and other countries.
The Director of the European Bureau of Experts, Badis Daly, said that for companies seeking markets for their innovations at home and abroad, patents are a very important economic factor. Through cooperation, the EAPR can support innovation in these two countries, improve the quality of patents, and reduce the cost of patent applications for SMEs.
(source: foreign intellectual property information)