Thank you letter!!!


Author: Chief Li


Release time:2016-08-31

Dear Mr. Yan Xiongjun, Taiwan Jian:
I am your company's customer Li Jun, yesterday, received your company Ms. Su Ling at my request will apply for the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia patent packaging documents, so far, the first phase of my international patent application, within the prescribed time limit successfully completed. I feel extremely gratified. Only for this, during the application process, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you and the experts of the company under your leadership for their professional and creative work!
What needs to be pointed out in particular is that in this process, Ms. Su Ling has the most contact and contact. I feel that what she has done is like a prism, reflecting the light of the excellent company she represents. The main manifestations are as follows: when receiving the positive opinion of PCT and looking for an international agent, she received a letter from her at the first time, explaining her keen observation and action of business. Later, I also received inquiries from three companies, and they were a step slower. With quick response ability and selfless work spirit, many of the replies I received from Ms. Su were sent after work, at 8, 10 or even 12 o'clock in the evening. Even if I set aside rich time, I could receive the reply as soon as possible. It was really "pretty hard". I am full of admiration for you to have such "dead" employees. Excellent communication skills, accurate, meticulous and responsible translation for the revision of language diseases in documents, including the revision of claims that are not part of your company, the explanation of doubts by experts and lawyers, and my "unfeeling request" for preferential treatment are all satisfied. Here, I would like to thank you together! Moreover, when I encountered discouragement because patents were not high-tech, I was encouraged by Ms. Su and gave examples to regain my confidence. All these, not enumerated, fully explain your company's culture, humanities and value orientation. You can see the combat effectiveness of the entire army from the performance of the soldiers alone. As a general of such an army, you are worthy of respect and proud of you.
Mr. Yan, the second phase of work is about to begin. I sincerely hope that the experts of the company under your leadership will continue to help me realize my dream. I have passed the age of obedience and have long been indifferent to fame and gain, but I am still determined to do one thing to the end. I hope Mr. Wang will continue to help me. Thanks again!

Shun Song Qiu!
Li Jun

30 August 2016