Smog hits, Wayne helps Guangdong Medical University to grant US patent Mars


Author: Aron

Source: Wayne Intellectual Property

Release time:2017-01-19

      How long can you imagine the fastest time a U.S. patent can be granted? One year? Eight months? Today, Wayne takes you through how a U.S. patent born in response to smog can be granted.Two monthsThe time was authorized by the U.S. Patent Office.

You 'd say,Two months! Do you want to go to heaven? Yes, we just want to refresh the speed of the Chinese people's patent authorization to the United States. Although it is grandiose, only we know that all of this is due to the accumulation of our years of American practice. The following Wayne driver will take you to detail how to obtain the US patent in two months:

One: Receive a letter from the customer and prepare the plan. Does this invented name make the small partners of the imperial city cheer? Yes, this is the Yulu Gan Qiong born to save the people in the haze!!! It is the holy water that boys and girls have been longing for for for a long time (applause).


Perhaps, hearing this, you can't move too much, but as follows:

Isn't this inventor Grandpa Zhong, who makes people shake three times after hearing it? Yes, Dr. Zhong has made great contributions to the country during the SARS period. Now that the smog is coming, Dr. Zhong and his team are coming out to rescue the people. With this background, Wayne quickly developed a suitable application for the case, as it was the PCT.Application, so we know very well where we can make a big fuss. Wayne received the PCTAfter applying for documents, I was dumbfounded (what the XXXX??), because based on Wayne's many years of practical experience and combined with PCT search reports, it is definitely not optimistic to directly enter the US national phase with PCT version! Secondly, U.S. patents are self-contained, I .e. U.S. patents do not allow multiple citations (Multiple dependent claims), otherwise there will be additional costs, and the number of independent claims cannot exceed three. After actively and effectively communicating with the inventor (back-and-forth technical discussion), our senior chemical agent (also a national 3-star agent) decided to apply for active correction (preliminary amendment) to enter the United States, and the corrected version (amended claims) extracted innovative technical features (limitations that really matters), so as to obtain both the support of the specification and fully consider the scope of authorized protection. Two: high-quality U.S. patent translation and supplement In the U.S. claim system, Chinese inventors usually receive non-compliance with U.S. Patent Law 35 U.S.C. 112, so errors in format greatly hinder the time when U.S. patents are authorized. The writing of claims in the United States is a very important part. The improper use of articles (mixed use of a/the), inconsistent translation of front and back nouns, the use of methods to express the rights of device (apparatus) items, unclear case distinction (capital form), mixed use of periods and semicolons, quantifiers (at least one, a plurality of), singular and plural numbers lead to a lack of prepositional basis, and so on, examiner will issue Office Action. This requires a fairly experienced veteran driver with years of U.S. patent experience to do it. After receiving the manuscript to be translated, our American agent will actively and effectively communicate with the Chinese branch agent to ensure that the version of the translation after communication with the inventor is strictly consistent to ensure the innovation and protection scope of the right after correction. Three: into the U.S. national phase acceleration of the choice to quickly obtain a U.S. patent authorization, the applicant can generally through the following U.S. patent acceleration procedures:

1. AcceleratedExamination Program                                                                                                

2. GreenTechnology Pilot Program                                                                                                     

3.Applicant’sAge or Health


Wayne is based on the existing technology known in this case (prior art) and claims, choose a safe AcceleratedExamination Program.The patent and other items are subject to the acceleration clause, and the cost is relatively low, Wayne's U.S. attorney to make a detailed comparative analysis (claim chart) report submitted to the U.S. official. The Mars-like authorization speed in Wayne's case is no accident, it is the inevitable result of our years of practical experience in the United States. In fact, if you strictly follow the rules (do as the Romans do), itself is the fastest. The enlightenment it brings us is: 1. For the application of PCT case, we must fully refer to the authorization of patent of the same family, and do not necessarily enter the national stage directly in strict accordance with the published version of PCT. Agencies must not hold the negative attitude of "waiting for the review opinions of various countries to come out and say". They must take the initiative to fully refine innovative technical features and grasp the best opportunity to correct them in combination with the bottom line of the inventor's protection scope of rights. 2. High-quality translation is required. In order to save money, many agencies have not paid much attention to translation. As a result, many review opinions have not been rejected with substantive content. Answering such review opinions consumes the applicant's precious time on the one hand, and it costs money to reply such review opinions on the other hand (after all, it is Grandpa Franklin!). 3. Fully consider the patent acceleration policies of various countries. PPH or other acceleration policies can be considered for patents with active search reports or authorized patents of the same family (the patent acceleration policies in the United States are different in details, such as the total number of pages of application documents, the number of independent claims, the total number of rights, and the difference between the reply time and the normal reply ......), wayne's old driver is glad to have accumulated some experience in this area. Of course, the above point of view is only a little bit of Wayne's experience in the practice of American professionals over the years. I also hope that my colleagues can take as few detours as possible when going out. I also welcome all colleagues in the industry to make bricks and exchanges and promote each other's progress!